WWE: 10 Reasons Why Sheamus Could Be Poised for Something Bigger

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIFebruary 26, 2012

WWE: 10 Reasons Why Sheamus Could Be Poised for Something Bigger

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    A few years ago, Sheamus made his debut in the WWE with the goal of making a big impact.

    Now, with Sheamus being more popular than ever, it's time to take a look at his future in the company.

    I am going to list 10 reasons why he is being poised for something bigger.

    This list is based on current WWE story lines and the product as a whole.

He Is Already a Two-Time WWE Champion

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    I feel like there is a long list of up-and-coming WWE superstars who were pushed to the WWE Championship too soon.

    Sheamus is on that list. 

    However, there's something very different with Sheamus than the other stars on this list.

    The difference is that Sheamus no longer needs the title to be in the main event scene. 

    You know he's a future star when he doesn't need a title to make an impact.

He Turned Face

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    I think the best thing WWE has done for his career so far is turn him face. 

    Why do I say this? Simple. 

    Sheamus already feuded with all the main-event babyfaces. If he didn't turn, he would have ran out of story lines to be in.

    As a face, he can go to a level he couldn't do with his heel persona. 

He Came Back from the Abyss

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    When a WWE superstar first joins the main roster, it's hard to tell what will happen after their first push is finished.

    Stars like Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger were on the top of their game. 

    Then, after their push was finished, they fall into an Abyss. 

    This abyss is irrelevancy. 

    If anybody remembers "King Sheamus," then you know Sheamus has been inside the abyss too.

    Thankfully, WWE smartened up and made him the star he is today.

He Moved to SmackDown

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    When Sheamus moved to SmackDown, he officially became the No. 2 face behind Randy Orton.

    His matches have been better, his character has improved and he's making leaps toward becoming the No. 1 babyface. 

He Became "Great White"

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    We all know Sheamus is pale. 

    On Raw, Sheamus was often ridiculed for this.

    On SmackDown, the WWE managed to think up a cool nickname that describes Sheamus to a T.

    Every main-event star has a unique nickname, and I think Sheamus has found his.

He Is Featured at Key Points in the Show

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    Where a star is featured in a show can show you what the WWE thinks of that superstar.

    9 p.m., 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. are all key points where people tune into watch the WWE's top story lines.

    Sheamus has been featured at all of these times.

    This must mean WWE trusts him enough to be featured. 

His Promo Work Has Improved Drastically

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    Any heel can bash the crowd to get heat for themselves.

    In my opinion, it takes a true mic worker to get a crowd backing you as a babyface.

    Sheamus has found a nice niche for himself on the mic in the past year.

    If you don't believe me, look up some of his promos.

He Won the Royal Rumble

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    Be honest, did anyone think Sheamus would be the winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble?

    Not only did he manage to pull out a victory over Chris Jericho and Randy Orton, he secured his spot at WrestleMania.

He Is Friends with Triple H

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    Triple H was the one who said Sheamus should be the one to win the Royal Rumble.

    With a friend like Triple H, Sheamus will be supported by creative for years to come.

    I can easily see their relationship turn into one like John Cena and Vince McMahon. 

He Is in the Main Event at Wrestlemania

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    For the past few months, many people expected Randy Orton to be in the World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania.

    Now, Sheamus has taken his spot and has the potential to steal the show with the help of Daniel Bryan. 

    Wrestlemania 28 is bound to be the biggest WrestleMania in a long time, and Sheamus can say he won the biggest match of his career. 


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