NBA: 11 Most Embarrassing and Awkward Moments of All-Star Weekends Past

Kwame Fisher-Jones@@joneskwameContributor IIIFebruary 25, 2012

NBA: 11 Most Embarrassing and Awkward Moments of All-Star Weekends Past

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    This is a compilation of some of the strange, embarrassing, and awkward moments of previous all-star games. There are missed dunks to cover embarrassing and the rest can be categorized by you.

    Some of these moments need no explanation while others require immediate explanation. All were completely unnecessary and provided a lifetime of comedy.

    Now without further delay, enjoy.

11. Michael Jordan Misses Dunk

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    When it comes to basketball, one name comes to mind. No other single player embodies playing above the rim. Michael Jordan is the symbol of basketball excellence, so to see an old version of MJ in a Washington Wizards uniform was bad enough but no one expected this.

    Jordan’s rare moment of turbulence is documented for your viewing pleasure.

10. Tim Perry 1995 Dunk Contest

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    The nineties were not good years for 76er fans. There were bad draft picks, bad coaches, and most of all, horrific players. Tim Perry was the face of the 76er struggles from 1993-1996. Perry was one of the three
    non-all stars given to the Sixers for Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley.

    The Temple product did have hops so it made sense he would enter the 1993 & 1995 Slam Dunk contest. However, his performance in both were tragically hilarious. The most splendid of his missed dunks was Perry’s attempt at the sacred foul line dunk. Perry could rise but could not fly and when he attempted the dunk he did not make it the rim and his dunk turned into a lay-up.

    The league was so embarrassed by the attempt they burned all footage along with any Spygate tapes. What is provided is just a mere morsel of Thunder Tim’s aerial displays.

9. Brent Barry Dances and Stays Warm

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    Brent Barry got away with a lot of holes in his game during his NBA career, but what he could and did do should not go unnoticed.

    Did he really just…….no he did not just. On national television nonetheless, then this cat participated in the dunk contest with his jacket on. What is next the Skill Competition with Versace shades on?

8. Isiah Thomas Airball Versus Magic

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    During preseason, Magic Johnson announced his retirement from the NBA because he had contracted the AIDS virus. NBA Commissioner David Stern allowed Johnson to partake in the midseason event. Some players objected to Johnson being allowed to play, but all was clear once Johnson took the floor.

    We were all treated to a showcase of one of the all time greats. Johnson put on a show, but just like any other television program, there is always that one wack commercial that interrupts the show. Isiah Thomas was said commercial. Thomas tried to put on a dribble display that was in slow motion and then shot a fadeaway, off one foot, jumpshot.

7. Dominque Wilkins Misses Dunk and Falls

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    Nothing much to say here except even the Human Highlight has his lowlights.

6. Allen Iverson Three Point Contest

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    Allen Iverson had no business in the three-point contest. Absolutely none. Iverson is known for having the fearlessness of a scorer and not the marksmanship of a shooter.  Yet, for some inexplicable
    reason, Iverson deciding he wanted to enter the contest.

    What resulted can only be described as "Brick City."

5. Justin Timberlake Jays Kenny Smith

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    As an athlete, one takes tremendous pride in their competitive fire. As a man one takes even more pride in not getting punked. Well, in one night during All-Star weekend, two-time NBA champion Kenny Smith
    lost his credibility as an athlete and as a man.

    Of all the singers in all the land there could not have been anyone worse to jay you up, than Justin Timberlake. Then to have him pop off after making said jump shot, all on national television none the less, it can get ugly. Smith USED to be a respected basketball mind and now he is the cat
    that “J.T.” from the boy band jayed up.

4. Shaq Airball Three-Pointer

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    The 1995 NBA All-Star game had a minute in it that may have set basketball back thirty years. It was truly indescribable and entertaining.

    Here, Orlando Magic all-star center Shaquille O’Neal decides to take a three-pointer and manages to miss everything from the net to the ground. What happens next made the ill-advised shot even funnier.

3. Charles Barkley Kissing Dick Bavetta

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    First, why did the NBA have this event during  NBA All-Star weekend? Second, why did they
    televise this nonsense? Third, whose asinine idea was this?

    Lastly, win or lose, who kisses a 94-year-old man on the lips? It was like we left all-star weekend and went to Studio 54. The whole thing was just uncomfortable.

2. 1984 NBA Old Timers Game

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    You have to be an old old old basketball fan to remember this event. Back in the eighties, the NBA used to have this event called the Old Timers Game during All-Star weekend. They took retired players off the couch and allowed them to play against each other. It was pure comedy.

1. Kobe Bryant Raps During All-Star Weekend 2000

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    You can sum this up by saying a model trying to sing and a basketball player trying to rap...all bad.