NFL Combine 2012: Cordy Glenn and the Combine's Biggest Surprises

Michael DixonAnalyst IIIFebruary 25, 2012

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 27:  Cordy Glenn #71 and Ben Jones #61 of the Georgia Bulldogs celebrate with Orson Charles #7 after Charles touchdown against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Sanford Stadium on November 27, 2010 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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If you think you have everything about the combine figured out, you're wrong. We're only just beginning, and these players have already bucked expectations, which isn't always a good thing.


Cordy Glenn

There is no denying that this guy is a physical beast, but he has gone a long way to establish himself as more than just a 6'5, 345-pound Goliath.

Glenn ran a 40 in 5.15, which, given his size, is incredibly impressive. He also finished in the top 10 in reps on the bench press, dispelling any potential doubts that Glenn's size will limit his stamina. 

NFL Draft Scout projects Glenn as a first- or second-rounder. His performance on Saturday will alleviate most of the problems.

Also, remember that size. If he can run that well and show some staying power on the demanding bench press, the size will be a tremendous asset. 

Given the amount of teams that need help up front and the constant injuries to the line that makes depth so valuable, it's safe to say that Glenn will go in the first round now with no reservations. 


Mike Adams

Not all surprises are positive ones, and unfortunately, Adams is going the other way as Glenn. He is coming off of a knee injury, so a poor 40 time would be acceptable, but that's not really the problem. 

No, Adams showed poorly on the bench press, where he managed only 19 reps. When you consider that 13 players notched 30 or more, that number is not going to get it done, not for a 6'7, 323-pound man. 

Adams had the same projection as Glenn on his NFL Draft Scout profile. But where Glenn firmly planted himself in the first round, Adams is now an undeniable second-rounder. You can't show that poorly in an area that's supposed to be a strength and expect teams to commit the money needed to a first-rounder. 


David Molk

The bench press performance from Adams looks especially poor when compared to Molk, who is also fresh off of a knee injury. But while the massive Adams managed only 19 reps, the Michigan center put up 41, which is, presently, the high.

This is going to do wonders for Molk's draft stock, and probably his wallet as well. He is smaller than the average lineman of today, but he managed a far more impressive showing than any of them in a drill that really matters for the big men up front. 

The fifth-round projection from NFL Draft Scout is only going to improve. As you can see, he is also the sixth-ranked center—a number that will improve. 

Unless otherwise noted, the information came from the Scouting Combine Website.

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