In Other News...Ichiro To The Yankees? Hey, I Like That!

Shanan H.Analyst IJanuary 7, 2009

No, Ichiro was not traded to the Yankees, but that would be a good move, for both the Yankees and Mariners.

Being a Mariners fan, I know that Seattleites would miss the only player in the All-Star game, but we can do without him.  Getting rid of Ichiro's big fat contract would empty up a lot of space for the prospects and free agents the Mariners will need.

Hello, Seattle; I know Ichiro would be missed, but the move may be necessary. 

In my opinion, the Mariners might be able to pull off a trade that sends Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera, Phil Coke, and another prospect to the M's for just one, overrated, old, expensive guy.

The Yankees would have their outfield filled, and could put their aging, center-fielding, leadoff man Johnny Damon in the ninth spot, where he belongs.

Hello, Johnny.  The years that you've been our leadoff man have not been good, and Ichiro's a good replacement for you.

Ichiro would be a great leadoff guy for the Yankees.

Hello, NY.  This trade helps you, too.  The extra outfielder you need is here, and he replaces Damon in the leadoff spot.  You no longer have to deal with the antics of Kennedy, and the unsuccessful antics of Melky.

Seattle, every hole made by Ichiro's departure could be filled.  Yuni leads off, one of the current outfielders play in right, and Melky plays in centerfield.  Not only that, when Bedard gets injured this year, Kennedy can fill his spot.  And lastly, the hole left by Sean Green's departure would be filled.

Lets do it.  Trade Ichiro.

Have fun in NY, Ichiro!