New York Mets: Why David Wright More Than Deserves a Contract Extension

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIFebruary 25, 2012

All-Star third baseman David Wright was among the first to arrive at the New York Mets' spring training facilities this season. Wright is embarking on his ninth major league season, in which all were spent with the New York Mets franchise.

Wright grew up a Mets fan and saw himself drafted in the first round (38th pick) by his childhood team. The Norfolk, Virginia native is undoubtedly the face of the New York Mets franchise. Despite his recent struggles, he is one of the best players to ever don the New York Mets uniform.

Wright is a five-time All-Star and has been in contention for the MVP award for the majority of his major league career. However, injuries and other distractions have seemed to slow him down in recent seasons, as his numbers have clearly taken a dip.

Despite that, many people are expecting a huge season from Wright. The walls are coming in at Citi Field and Wright is coming into the season with a clean bill of health. He is also just 29 years old, so Wright is still in the prime of his career. Wright's work ethic is second to none and he is out to prove many people wrong this season.

He lost one of his longest-tenured teammates this offseason, in Jose Reyes. Reyes decided to flee Queens for the glitz, glamour and big bucks of South Beach, but that hasn't kept Wright down at all.

Wright has answered many questions about his former teammate, and he has basically said that he'll miss him but that it is time to move on. Reporters have also brought up the question, "Will David Wright be the next star to leave Queens?"

It is a valid question, as David Wright's contract is nearing an end. Wright was signed to a six-year, $55M extension back in 2006. The Mets hold a $16M team option for 2013, but the option would not transfer to a new team if he is traded without his consent.

That means that Wright could be a free agent as soon as this winter, and possibly follow in Jose Reyes' footsteps. With that said, Wright has continually made it clear that he wants to be a lifelong Met.

Wright has a strong desire to retire as a New York Met and win a World Series title with the New York Mets. He even stated that he would rather be somewhere he is happy (like the Mets), as opposed to "drain(ing) every single dollar out of whatever organization."

It appears as if it is a no-brainer to ink David Wright to a contract extension. It is no secret that he has a strong desire to stay with New York, and Sandy Alderson and Co. must realize that. Signing Wright to an extension would put both sides at ease.

An extension for Wright would help the organization avoid another "Jose Reyes" distraction. It would provide stability and job security for Wright, and it would allow the Mets to hold on to one of their most special players in team history.

The Mets have a load of young talent that is making their way to the majors, if not already in the majors, and there is no better player to lead the youth movement than David Wright. Every young team needs a strong leader; Wright would provide an ample amount of leadership.

This Mets team is a lot more talented than people realize, and extending Wright's contract could only help the team. The Mets have been doing their fair share of screwing up in recent years, but they have a chance to make a genius move: granting David Wright a contract extension.