The Decider On Bonds

The DeciderContributor IMay 21, 2006

IconDenigrating Barry Bonds' home run record is merely part of a long tradition of writers grasping to create the myth of history.  


In sports as in war, the victors write the history.  The only difference in sports is the victors are determined by the media orthodoxy that anoints the widely marketed writer.  In many cases these flaks are maudlin romantics, pining over the old days of sports, likely because they have a book or two in publication.


Anyone who has competed professionally for even a fraction of the many years that Barry Bonds has, can differentiate between professional athletic performances.  Even the mediocre attempt of a Moonlight Graham, is head and shoulders above anything the rest of us could muster.


In prior eras, everything known to science was fair game to enhance professional athletic performance:  over ingesting protein, carbs, vitamins, or even the scientific ludicrousness of chugging a ketchup bottle of honey for an immediate energy boost.  


Unquestionably, youth athletes and collegiate competitors need to be restrained from using harmful substances or implementing methods consenting adults might use.  However this discussion is no more relevant than debating the narcotic qualities of chewing tobacco when evaluating Barry Bonds' career.  Professional athletes are paid to perform.  Allow the individual to weigh the risk of substances abuse versus the reward of possibly enhancing their athletic career.  Leave it to the team owner to decide what type of players they want.  Rid professional sports not of steroids, but rather of sanctimonious drivel.