San Francisco Giants: 5 Reasons Why Ryan Theriot Was a Good Pickup

Josh LanterContributor IFebruary 25, 2012

San Francisco Giants: 5 Reasons Why Ryan Theriot Was a Good Pickup

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    Everyone knows that the San Francisco Giants struggled last year trying to score runs.

    They ranked last in the MLB in runs scored, but yet they still finished with 86 wins. This offseason, Brian Sabean and the Giants management’s goal was to keep their star-studded rotation intact and improve their offense.

    They were able to do this by adding Melky Cabrera, Angel Pagan and Ryan Theriot.

    Theriot was a very important addition to the dismal lineup. He will have a great impact on the offense whether he is in the game or supporting the team on the bench.

    Many fans have grown impatient with Sabean's consistent signing of old veterans who are past their prime and are not going to break out ever again.

    But Theriot has been a pretty decent player throughout his career. His consistency has earned him a job for seven seasons now for three different teams. He has produced well for every team and the Giants were wise to get him this offseason.

    Here are a few reasons why he was a good pickup.

5. Has a Good Career Batting Average and OBP

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    Theriot has had a very successful career while bouncing from team to team.

    He hits for a decent average, while putting up a solid on-base percentage. He has been able to maintain a solid .282 average and a quality OBP of .344 throughout his career.

    If he can continue to produce these types of numbers while he plays for the Giants, he will set up many opportunities to score runs and help the team produce. That kind of production will be key for the Giants because he will be able to get on base consistently and score a good amount of runs.

    While he will be able to create more opportunities for the young Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval to knock him home, scoring more will take the pressure off the pitching staff to try to throw shutouts every game.

4. A Veteran Presence for Brandon Crawford

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    Many still have doubts about Crawford becoming the Giants full-time shortstop. There are questions about his bat and whether or not he will be able to hit above .200.

    Theriot has played mostly shortstop his entire career and has many more years of experience in the big leagues. He will be able to help the second-year player gain confidence that he needs to have in order to succeed at the big-league level. 

    Even if Theriot does not play or start all that much, his experience will help the Giants by giving Crawford tips and advice to be able to grind through the long, treacherous season.

3. Bats Well Against Lefties

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    Theriot has batted well against lefties his entire career, posting an average of .301. This gives Bruce Bochy the option to use his two shortstops in a platoon role.

    Crawford does not hit well against lefties, batting a pitiful .133 against them, and a lefty-on-lefty situation is not ideal for any manager.

    Bochy has some flexibility. He has the luxury to be able to use them both in a platoon role to get a favorable matchup no matter who has the ball on the mound.

2. Adds Depth to the Infield

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    There is still concern about second baseman Freddy Sanchez's return.

    Even though he is coming back from reconstructive surgery of his right shoulder, there is still that possibility of him going down again. He has been injury-prone, never playing more than 111 games since 2008, when he came to the Giants.

    The Giants re-signed Mike Fontenot to a one-year deal, but if and when Sanchez goes down again, they will need more flexibility in the infield. 

    Theriot is the man who can provide it.

    He has been a super utility man in his career, playing all positions except first, pitcher and catcher, so he can play just about anywhere Bochy needs him to play, which makes him a viable option whenever someone needs some rest or goes on the disabled list.

1. Coming off a World Series

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    The Cardinals were not supposed to win the World Series last year, but with the collapse of the Atlanta Braves and the timely hot streak they got on, they were able to cruise into the playoffs and take the World Series.

    Theriot will bring that mojo into the Giants' clubhouse.

    He is not a rookie when it comes to the postseason. He has made 18 postseason appearances, including five World Series. Most of the 2010 World Series champion Giants are still on the team.

    Seeing his ring and knowing that he just won the championship will spark that fire and make the Giants hungry to get back into the postseason and, most importantly, back into the Fall Classic to capture their second championship in three years.