NFL Trade Rumors: 5 Teams That Need to Trade for Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IIFebruary 25, 2012

NFL Trade Rumors: 5 Teams That Need to Trade for Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

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    According to ESPN, the Philadelphia Eagles are open to to listening to trade offers for wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

    The Eagles are making the right choice by deciding to test the waters with Jackson, because he hasn't necessarily been the perfect teammate and locker room presence in his four seasons with the team.

    There's no doubt that DeSean Jackson will be an elite receiver in the NFL for whoever he plays for, and the Eagles are smart for trying to see what kind of value Jackson holds on the trade block.

    With guys like Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant and Steve Smith, the Eagles can survive without Jackson, especially if they're able to get an elite receiver prospect in the 2012 NFL draft.

    There are undoubtedly NFL teams that should go after DeSean Jackson.

    Ahead are five teams that could benefit from adding Jackson's talents to their rosters.

Cleveland Browns

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    The Cleveland Browns have a lot of room for improvement moving forward into the 2012 NFL season, and one of their biggest areas for improvement is at the wide receiver position.

    The Browns had the No. 24 passing offense in the NFL last season, with an average of only 193.1 yards per game. While that lack of passing production was in part due to sophomore quarterback Colt McCoy's struggles, the Browns' lack of depth at the wide receiver position certainly didn't help.

    The Browns could very well go after an elite quarterback prospect like Robert Griffin III with their first pick in the 2012 NFL draft. If they do that, they'll need to get him some help at the wide receiver position.  

    The Browns could realistically trade the Eagles their second-round draft pick for Jackson, which would allow the Eagles to get a much cheaper replacement for Jackson.

    If Philadelphia can get a second-round pick for DeSean Jackson from the Cleveland Browns, it'd be foolish not to pull the trigger on that deal.

Indianapolis Colts

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    The Indianapolis Colts are undoubtedly in rebuilding mode, with the future of the franchise not yet set in stone.

    Whether or the Colts move forward with Peyton Manning or make Andrew Luck the future of their team, they need more talent at the wide receiver position if they want to contend.

    With wide receiver Pierre Garcon reportedly rejecting the Colts' five-year contract offer, according to Sporting News, the Colts could start the 2012 season without Garcon. Doing so would leave a gaping hole at wide receiver, and that's where DeSean Jackson comes in.

    It's realistic to think that the Eagles could trade away Jackson to the Colts and get Indianapolis' third- and fourth-round draft picks, along with a conditional pick next season.

    With that kind of return value on Jackson, pulling the trigger on that trade would be easy for the Eagles to do. They would be able to find Jackson's replacement with one of those picks.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Surprisingly enough, the Jacksonville Jaguars ended the 2011 NFL season ranking 12th in rushing yards per game, ninth in rushing defense and eighth in passing defense. The only problem is that the Jaguars ranked dead last in passing offense, with an average of only 136.2 yards per game.

    The good news for the Jaguars is that tight end Mercedes Lewis is leading them in receiving. That brightens their future. They can seriously bolster their passing attack—and their return game—by making a legitimate trade for DeSean Jackson.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars don't have many players that the Eagles would be realistically interested in. But the Jaguars do have solid positioning in the 2012 NFL draft, which will be enticing for Philadelphia if Jacksonville is actually interesting in acquiring Jackson.

    The Eagles could feasibly get the Jaguars' second-round draft pick, which would give the Eagles a solid shot at finding Jackson's cheaper replacement in a draft that is filled with solid receiver prospects.

    Sending Jackson to the Jaguars would allow the Eagles to get a lot of value in the 2012 NFL draft in return for a player that's caused them a lot of trouble over the past year or two. That might be enticing enough to actually make the trade happen.

Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Kansas City Chiefs shocked many people last season by managing to stay relevant after their star running back Jamaal Charles and quarterback Matt Cassel went down early on.

    The one thing that they lacked, aside from the guys on the bench with injuries, was depth behind Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston at the wide receiver position. Dwayne Bowe is an unrestricted free agent this offseason. If he doesn't return to Kansas City, the Chiefs will surely have to go after Jackson.

    Even if Bowe does stay in Kansas City, the Chiefs should still go after Jackson.

    While Steve Breaston accounted for 785 yards last year, he only found his way into the end zone twice, and that's not going to cut it for the Chiefs. Kansas City could realistically send Breaston to Philadelphia for Jackson, along with a fourth- or fifth-round draft pick.

    Both teams would win if that trade became reality.

    The Chiefs would get a major upgrade in their return game and at the wide receiver position, while the Eagles wouldn't lose too much offensive production while still getting a draft pick or two to build for the future.

St. Louis Rams

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    The St. Louis Rams didn't do a lot of things right last year, as evidenced by their No. 30 passing offense, which averaged a measly 179.4 yards per game.

    While a lot of that lack of production in the passing game was a result of losing Sam Bradford during the season, the Rams still lack depth in their wide receiver corps. Aside from Brandon Lloyd, the Rams didn't get much production out of their wide receivers, and that's where DeSean Jackson comes into the picture.

    If Philadelphia included a late-round draft pick, the Eagles could realistically get the Rams' second-round pick, which would be enticing for the Eagles. They could be looking to replace Jackson in the second round or use that pick in a trade for a veteran receiver who could solidify their depth chart.

    The Rams would be getting a huge upgrade in their return game, and they'd be giving Sam Bradford the serious downfield threat he's needed.

    If the Rams are legitimately interested in DeSean Jackson, the Eagles need to be open to what they have to offer. St. Louis has more to offer than most other NFL teams that will show interest in Jackson within the next few weeks.

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