NBA All-Star Weekend 2012: Winner of Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown's Insane Dunk

Mick AkersAnalyst IFebruary 24, 2012

One of the less-hyped events of the action-packed NBA All-Star Weekend 2012 is the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown. It produced a dunk that will rival that of any throw down that we will see tomorrow night when the NBAers take to the court.

The contest consisted of the top four amateur dunkers from across the United States. They battled it out in a two-round, two dunks per round event which was judged by a few lesser-known celebrities and legendary dunker Darryl Dawkins—and eventually LeBron James, but he didn't actually judge any dunk as the final round was voted on via text message by those fans who were watching.

The eventual winner, 26-year-old Kevin "K-Dobbs" Dobbs had some good dunks in the first round, but his first dunk in Round 1 was one of the better dunks I have seen.

Former NBA slam dunk contest winner, Cedric Ceballos challenged K-Dobbs to put a remix on his famous blind fold dunk that won him the slam dunk crown back in 1992 at the NBA All-Star Game which was also held in Orlando.

Dobbs' dunk made Ceballos' dunk look like a warm-up dunk, as he jumped over three volunteers, grabbed the ball out of the second person's hands mid-air and put the ball between his legs, delivering slam dunk gold.

To anyone who is planning on tuning in tomorrow night to watch the latest edition of the NBA slam dunk contest, watch K-Dobbs throw it down after the pros are done, because his dunk will blow anything we'll see go down tomorrow night.