Eric Mangini New Head Coach in Cleveland

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IJanuary 7, 2009

The Cleveland Browns were one of the first teams to fire their head coach when the 2008 season came to a conclusion and they wasted no time in finding their replacement. On Wednesday, the Browns announced that Eric Mangini would be their new head coach.

Mangini was head coach of the New York Jets before being ousted from the playoff hunt after their late season self-destruction. Once former head coach and current CBS NFL Analyst Bill Cowher made it clear he was not ready to return to the sidelines, the Browns turned to Mangini to lead their team.

Many felt that Mangini was wrongfully blamed for the Jets' downfall this season, and with this hiring he will have the opportunity to jump right back into the saddle.

Now the remaining question for the Browns is who they will hire to be their new general manager. Scott Pioli has been said to be their leading candidate for the job, but many NFL sources are hinting that Pioli is not interested in the vacancy.