Blow Up The BCS

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IJanuary 7, 2009

On Thursday, Oklahoma and Florida will play for the coveted and hotly debated BCS National Championship. Somebody will win and be crowned. It will be a moment for fans and media to enjoy. And yet, because of undefeated Utah, (and very talented one loss teams from USC and Texas), a debate will likely rage on. The 2009 season could end up in a split national title, with somebody else taking home a symbolic (if not real) Associated Press title, as voted by AP members. Some clamor for a playoff system. But, there are flaws to that idea as well. So, I'm here to ask the question - why not just blow up the BCS and go back to the way it was? Many coaches - including Nebraska's Bo Pelini - are likely in favor of doing just that.

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