UFC 144 Predictions: 8 Things We Won't See Tonight at UFC 144

Peter JensenContributor IIIFebruary 25, 2012

UFC 144 Predictions: 8 Things We Won't See Tonight at UFC 144

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    Dana White has often said, "At the end of the day it is a fight, and anything can happen."

    To an extent, he is right.

    I remember hearing him say that after Randy Cotoure submitted James Toney. Dana was obviously worried that Toney could catch Cotoure with a punch that connected, and boxing gurus would have bragging rights for years. But it didn't happen. 

    And although anything can happen in a fight, certain predicaments are more likely than others.  Every fighter has a unique style. Styles make fights.  And those styles lead to certain outcomes. 

    Here are eight outcomes that probably won't happen tonight. 

Takanori Gomi Will Win by Submission

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    Takanori Gomi has had a successful MMA career and composed a 32-8 record in the process. Out of those 40 fights, he was won two by submission.

    If you are a stat geek, that means that there is a five percent chance that Gomi will submit Eiji Mitsuoka. 

Joe Lauzon Will Win by Decision

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    Joe Lauzon is 21-6 in his MMA career. Out of his 21 victories, zero—that's right none—of his victories have been by decision.

    The dude likes to fight, and he end fights before three spectators tell him whether he won or not. 

Hatsu Hioki Will Be Finished

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    Hatsu Hioki is 25-4 in his MMA career. All four of his losses have been by decision.

    I don't see Bart Palaszewski, who will be fighting in Hioki's turf, winning this fight by TKO, KO or submission. 

Yushin Okami Will Win by Submission

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    Yushin Okami has not won a fight by submission since 2006. He has had 10 fights since then, and they have all had different outcomes.

    Don't expect Okami to take Tim Botech to the ground and try to get back to any submission-winning ways. 

Mark Hunt Will Submit Cheick Kongo

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    Although his record is only 7-7, Mark Hunt has had one of the most entertaining MMA careers in the history of the sport. He has battled Josh Barnett, Fedor Emelianenko, Mirko Cro Cop, Wanderlei Silva and Gegard Mousasi, among others. 

    One thing he has not done is submit an opponent. Don't look for any rear-naked choke, guillotine or arm bar attempts by Hunt tonight. 

    Hunt may win, but it won't be by submission. 

Yoshiro Akiyama Will Submit Jake Shields

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    I know that Akiyama has won several fights by submission, but nobody has ever submitted Jake Shields. 

    Shields is one of the most seasoned jiu-jitsu practitioners in the world.  Don't keep your fingers crossed that Shields' first loss by submission will happen tonight. 

Rampage Will Take Bader Down

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    This is probably the safest bet when referring to the predictions that will not happen tonight. In a recent interview, when Rampage was doing anything but flattering Joe Rogan, Rampage also stressed that he doesn't like going to the ground. 

    He likes to entertain the crowd and to knock people out.

    Ryan Bader is an excellent wrestler, and the last thing in Rampage's game plan for this fight is to take Bader to the mat.

    Looking at the picture in this slide brings back memories, though. How cool would it be to see another Rampage slam in Japan? 

Frankie Edgar vs. Ben Henderson Will Be a Boring Fight

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    Another no-brainer. Anybody that has watched any fights of Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson knows that both of them like to fight. 

    Edgar's last two fights against Gray Maynard were epic. Almost indescribable. He seemed to be all but finished early in the fights, only to eventually make valiant comebacks to draw in Edgar versus Maynard 2 and then the TKO in Round 4 in Edgar versus Maynard 3. 

    Ben Henderson's style isn't much different. Bendo is in excellent condition and likes to press the action throughout the whole fight. 

    This will be a high-paced, dramatic and undoubtedly entertaining fight. What we will not see is anything resembling Tim Sylvia versus Andrei Arlovski 2 or even GSP versus Jake Shields.