Keep The Faith (Written 9/7/08)

TJ JenkinsAnalyst IJanuary 7, 2009

That is your new motto for this NFL season. Yes. Tom Brady's done. But that doesn't mean that the Patriots season is as well. You guys have been around Belichick's system long enough to know that he doesn't need stars, and that everyone's replaceable. Yes. Even Tom Brady. Even Tedy Bruschi, even Adalius Thomas, even Rodney Harrison.

Remember how Tom Brady became a household name? Exactly. Drew Bledsoe went down in the second game of the season. Not one of you thought that Brady could lead the team. But what happened? You got to the Super Bowl, and in the second classiest thing in NFL history, were announced as a team, embodying the spirit of America. That was after 9/11. The anniversary is coming up. America will take care of the Patriots, just like the Patriots took care of America that year.

Who's to say that Cassel won't step up big time in Brady's absence? Who's to say that the running game won't be there. 3 talented backs, you're set. The receivers are nothing but stellar, and so is the offensive line. You don't need a superstar at Quarterback. Anyone will do. It just takes a little bit of character and determination from every other player on your team, something that Belichick demands anyway.

I beseech you, don't give up on the Patriots campaign this year. Don't lose hope. Keep the faith. They'll be good. I promise. How can they not be? With the talent they have, and one of the most loyal fan bases on the face of this Earth.

Think back to 1972. The Dolphins, undefeated. Did they have a star at QB for that season? No, Griese went down. Did they still go undefeated, and win the Super Bowl? Yes. The Steelers a few years ago. Tommy Maddox goes down in game one. Who's left to replace him? An unknown rookie from Miami of Ohio. Ben Roethlisberger. What happned? 15-1. Anything's possible in the NFL. All it takes is heart.

Keep the faith...