WWE: 8 WWE Kayfabe T-Shirts I Would Buy

Thunderlips@TheDustyFinishCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2012

WWE: 8 WWE Kayfabe T-Shirts I Would Buy

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    WWE recently released a line of Kayfabe T-Shirts, as reported by Chris Humphrey. The WWE is attempting to squeeze every bit of the CM Punk insider take on the wrestling business that they can and cater to the internet wrestling community. I am flattered by the idea and the attention, but I think WWE can push it a little further.

    Some of the shirts are nice and I would consider wearing them. Nothing I like more than squeezing my man boobs into 3x tees that are sized like extra mediums. But while the shirts are a step in the right direction, I thought of some shirts myself that, I know for sure, would set WWEShop.com on fire and would fly off of the shelves. 

For the Wrestling Fan in General

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    Is your favorite TNA star coming over to WWE? Maybe it’s a WCW guy coming in for one last run? Well, show them how much you care by buying this shirt. God knows WWE won't.

For the Fans of the Indy Scene

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    Even if your favorite wrestling star isn't in WWE, we have a shirt for them too! Just don't feel bad, you may never actually get to wear it for that star at a WWE event. But, they will be there with you in spirit.

For the Dolph Ziggler Fan

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    I know you may not like pink, but we have a simpler Dolph T-shirt for you. This one you can wear while Dolph is in the ring, selling, bumping and getting over guys that shouldn't even be on the roster. Plans for a Dolph Diggler WWE Championship tee have been put off indefinitely.

For the Randy Orton Fan

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    We love the Viper shirt, yes we do. But we feel this one has more personality. Get this shirt so the next time your favorite WWE Superstar blows a spot against the "Apex Predator" you can represent in style. Sources say a Kofi Kingston and a Big Show version is in the works.

For the Triple H Fan

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    For the Triple H lover or the guy who wouldn't get over without the help of a good friend, this T-shirt is the perfect complement to whatever collection of "King of Kings" merchandise you may already have.

For the John Cena Fan

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    When you are tired of campy catch phrases like "Hustle, Loyalty and Respect" or "Rise Above Hate", you could always just pay homage to everyone's favorite move set. This T-shirt also comes in Real American Red and Yellow. 

For the Vince McMahon Fan

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    Can't find that Mason Ryan T-shirt you have been craving? Well, this should suffice. We all know that Vinny Mac feels that more weights equal more booked dates, so there should be no chance in hell that you won't pick this one up!

A Shirt for WrestleMania Season

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    Ever since The Rock vs. Cena was announced for WrestleMania 28, both men's merchandise has been flying off the shelves. But what about the guys who won't get a shot to headline the biggest show of the year? Fear not, they have a shirt now too.

What Shirts Would You Like to See?

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    Have a shirt you would like added to the list? Comment below!