A New Year's Wish: Please Grant It, Sam Bradford

Patrick ShieldsCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

Dear Sam Bradford,

Please beat Florida tomorrow. Pretty Pretty Please. I honestly don’t think you understand how much I am rooting for you and the Sooners.

If Ole Miss, a second tier SEC team, can air it out against the Gators secondary, there is no reason that you can’ t put up 400 yards tomorrow night. Iglesias versus the Gator’s secondary, are you kidding me? That alone should result in 150 yards and a TD. Combine that with screen passes to Chris Brown and quick hits to Gresham and there is no reason that you all should ever run the ball.

Display that mobility that I know you have to Sam. Move around in the pocket, scramble, make plays that would make even Brett Favre blush. I know you may not have the scrambling abilities of Timmy T but at the same time you aren’t Jason White, your knees aren’t going to explode if you attempt a QB draw.

Sure the Gators may be favored, but what is more motivating than being an underdog and hearing all month that you don’t deserve to be in the title game. Will your team to victory Sam. Impress the nation with your skills and more importantly impress the NFL scouts that will be watching.

There is no reason that you shouldn’t be the No. 1 pick in April, no reason. You have the arm, the size, the decision making ability and tomorrow night is your time to show that.

So take the field tomorrow night Sam and let fly an aerial assault unlike anything that Florida has seen before, because if you don’t, that means I’ll have to play for the Lions next year.


Matt Stafford