The Legend Hot Rod Hundley

Diana AllenCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

"You gotta love it, baby!"

"Stockton to Malone!"

These are some of the most famous phrases in Jazz history.  

Hot Rod Hundley will be announcing his 3,000 game for the Utah Jazz tonight.  

Hot Rod has been with the Jazz since the organization was founded in 1974 in New Orleans

In this day and age of constant changes in sports organization, Hot Rod is a rarity. Hot Rod will have called 3,000 out of a possible 3,014 regular-season and playoff games for the Jazz. 

Hot Rod was the first pick in the first round in 1957 by the Cincinnati Royals, who then immediately sold his draft rights to the then Minneapolis Lakers. Hot Rod played in the NBA for six years and was an All-Star twice.

Some of Hot Rod's famous sayings are:

  • “With a gentle push, and a mild arc, the old cowhide globe hits home.”
  • “Yo-yoing”
  • “Leapin’ leaner”
  • “Hippity-hop”
  • “Good if it goes!”
  • “Frozen rope”
  • “Belt-high dribble”
  • “It’s in the ol’ refrigerator.”
  • “Looking down the barrel”
  • “You gotta love it, baby!”