Wrestlemania 28: How Would You Book The Rock v. John Cena Match?

Alex GuyContributor IIIJune 14, 2016

As every wrestling fan knows by now, on April 1, 2012 in Miami, Florida, The Rock and John Cena will collide in the most highly anticipated match of the year. Generations will collide in a bout that is sure to be talked about for years afterwards.

However, between now and then, one question will have to be asked that will define the course of every post-match conversation:

How should we book this match?

The majority of wrestling bouts are booked with the input of a road agent and the Superstars involved in the contest, but I'm almost certain that everyone who could possibly have a say in the outcome of this match will want to throw in their two cents.

Which is where we, fellow Bleachers, come in.

Although (sadly) we won't actually get a say in the outcome of the match or the course the match takes, I have posted this opinion article to gather all our views in one place.

I've put together a small template for you all to use. Of course, you can present your booking in any format you want, however, using the template will make it easier to compare and contrast all of our ideas.


Time I Would Allocate To The Match:

How I Would Begin The Match:

The Main Content Of The Match:

The Finish:

Original Spots I Would Use:


I can't wait to read all of your views!

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