Utah to Claim 2008 Men's Basketball Title

West Coast BiasContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

Recent reports indicate that the Utah men’s basketball team plans on trying to claim the 2008 National Championship. This is an unprecedented demand by a team, especially since Utah waited so long to make this claim, and finished last year with a record of 18-15.


Said an anonymous player, “Look, I know we weren’t in the championship game. I know we weren’t even in the tournament, but is that really a good reason to deny us the championship?”


The player went on to explain how the team has always felt they were really the best team in the country, but waited until now to make their case because they were inspired by Utah’s men’s football team.


“Yeah, they definitely were an inspiration. I mean, they didn’t even play hardly any good teams and they seem to be making a great case for the title. So why can’t we? We had a way harder schedule than they did.”


Early indications are that the NCAA will not budge, and is unlikely to give Utah the basketball title.


Said the same Utah player, “That’s just ridiculous. We could’ve beat any team in the country if we played them enough times. If that doesn’t make us the best team in the country, what kind of criteria are they using?”