Welcome to the Possible Drama of the Year: Matt Cassel Could Be Tagged!

Ryan NelsonCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

We have entered the NFL postseason, and for people like me, whose teams have been eliminated or have not played at all, it is the beginning of the NFL offseason. I know, the big game hasn't even been played yet, but still.

However your team did or didn't do, and however much you may or may not hate the New England Patriots, you have to recognize the rise of a possible new QB in the NFL.

His name? Matt Cassel.

Yes, all you people. From you homers to you football experts, you need to recognize Cassel as one of the new possible starters in the league next year.

However, his own organization doesn't believe in letting him play elsewhere. There has been talk about FRANCHISE TAGGING the poor backup.

I have talked with many of my friends, and they all think it's because the Pats are afraid of where he could go and what he could do.

Now, don't get me wrong, that's a legitimate reason. If your team is the Green Bay Packers, you were not wanting Favre to end up in Minnesota. Don't B.S. me about them being afraid of Cassel.

We all know in the back of our minds we would like to see Brady and Cassel go at it with Cassel wearing green and white in East Rutherford. Tell me any differently, and I'll call you a liar. Cassel could be great. Not just good, I say great.

I mean seriously, you don't just come off the bench and play as well as he did considering who the starter was. Or do you...?

Matt Cassel has just been the proof of what we all have known: Belichick's expertise. We may love him, we may hate him, but the team is a reflection of the coach. The Patriots went 11-5 this year, and JUST missed the playoffs. 11-5. With a backup quarterback. This has gone beyond depth, this has become insane greatness.

But in any case, to franchise Matt Cassel would be holding him down in a backup position. We all know that Billy B. won't sit a hall-of-fame QB for someone who had a good year, so this may result in some offseason drama.

Cassel wants to start, but he can't because of who is on the team. Tom Brady. You know, two-time Super Bowl MVP? NFL MVP 2007? Most passing touchdowns in a season? He did it all. He has three rings to show for it. Cassel has nothing. Nothing except a possible franchise tag and his pine pony.

A message to the New England Patriots: LET CASSEL PLAY SOME WHERE HE HAS A CHANCE TO START. Give him a chance, give him the reins, give him a season. Don't tag him and make Brady feel threatened. Here's what will happen: nothing good.