Samantha Busch Pics: The Hottest Photos of Kyle Busch's Wife

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 24, 2012

Samantha Busch Pics: The Hottest Photos of Kyle Busch's Wife

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    While it's usually the pit girls and sporadic cheerleaders that rev our engines, we can't ignore the racing wives and girlfriends sometimes seen prancing around the track.

    Watching numerous cars circle an aesthetically-mundane venue can often lose its spice, but thankfully we have several eager WAGs to admire when things get slow.

    But established racer Kyle Busch got a bit more than he bargained for when he married the former Samantha Sarcinella, as her modeling prowess continues to dominate the driving scene.

    Let's take a look at Samantha Busch's hottest pics.

    We'd like to believe she's the new face of NASCAR.


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10. Living the Dream

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    While her husband holds the modern-era record for most race wins in a season across the top three NASCAR series with 24 wins (2010), Samantha Busch is quickly approaching the record for sexiest pictures in the racing world.

    Her exuberant smile reeks of a laid-back lifestyle.

9. The Ultimate Present

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    After winning the 2009 Crown Royal Presents the Russell Friedman 400, Kyle Busch became only the second driver to win on his birthday, sparking a memorable day. 

    An evening with his beautiful wife was just the icing on the cake.

8. Taking a Breather

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    This has got to anger Kyle Busch...OK, so obviously he loves it, but his wife essentially gets to lay on sand, prance around town and smile at cameras while he fervently drives in circles around a track.

    Marriage is about compromising.

7. Just Another Day at the Office

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    It's easy for Samantha Busch to smile when her husband holds the record for most NASCAR Nationwide Series wins with 51.

    It's contagious.

6. Class, Class, Class

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    Rarely bereft of an enthusiastic smile, Samantha Busch continues to surprise us. 

    Sure, she enjoys a quiet hangout, but Busch can up the ante whenever she pleases.

    Black-tie event for sure.

5. Hangin' Around

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    Great work Kyle, truly a stellar job.

    While her husband hones his ability on the track, Samantha Busch just chills out, relaxes and hits up some essential photo shoots.

    Just a typical Friday afternoon.

4. Heart and Soul

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    Obviously an integral part of the Kyle Busch foundation, Samantha Busch is more than just a beautiful WAG.

    Her dedication to family life has led to helping deprived families in Michigan.

    Quite impressive.

3. Damsel in Di...sguise

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    We love the rose, enjoy the checkered shirt and obviously notice the enormous wedding ring shining bright on her finger.

    And you thought that was an accident...good one.

2. Switching It Up

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    As she tosses a surprising, yet sexy curveball, we're beginning to see a bright future with Samantha Busch.

    Like any self-respecting WAG, she's beginning to enjoy the spotlight a bit too much.

1. Breakfast of Champions

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    A native of St. John, Indiana, Samantha Busch has clearly perfected the rise and shine.

    Also a graduate of Purdue University, she seems to be enjoying the limelight.

    The perfect alarm clock.