New York Jets: Top 7 Quarterbacks in Franchise History

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIFebruary 28, 2012

New York Jets: Top 7 Quarterbacks in Franchise History

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    After a disappointing season, the buzz around the New York Jets is that they may need a new quarterback. Despite bringing the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship games, Mark Sanchez is enduring some harsh criticism.

    With Peyton Manning potentially available, the Jets are being considered as a possible destination. Manning, if healthy, would most likely put together enough to be the best quarterback in Jets history. 

    That being said, does their current quarterback make the top seven quarterbacks in Jets history?

    Note: This is based on their time with the Jets.

7. Boomer Esiason

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    Boomer's time with Jets was rough compared to the rest of his career. Much of this was because of the team he had around him. He won an NFL MVP award, but that most certaintly was not with the Jets. Had he been on a Jets team that was better, he most likely would have been higher up on this list.

    Esiason was 15-27 in his three years with the Jets. He threw for a total of 8,478 yards and had 49 touchdown passes. Esiason was not able to make the postseason with New York.

6. Richard Todd

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    The quarterback that took over after Joe Namath was Richard Todd. He did not do a bad job and played in some big games for the Jets.

    In his eight seasons with the Jets, Todd had a record of 42-51-1. He threw for a combined 18,241 yards and 110 touchdowns. He has the third most wins in franchise history, but his losing record and 138 interceptions hurt his ranking.

5. Mark Sanchez

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    With all the criticism surrounding Mark Sanchez, he still has accomplished more than most Jets quarterbacks in just three seasons. Jets fans need to remember all the train wrecks that have been taking snaps for them, and Sanchez doesn't look that bad.  

    He has taken the team to back-to-back AFC Championship games, which consisted of winning four playoff games on the road. A feat that not many quarterbacks in NFL history can say they have done.

    Sanchez has a record of 27-20 in his career and has thrown for 9,209 yards and 55 touchdowns. Assuming he is the Jets franchise and quarterback, he will mostly likely have the most wins, passing yards and touchdown passes in team history.

4. Ken O'Brien

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    This may kill Jets fans, but the Jets passed up on Dan Marino in the 1983 NFL draft and took Ken O'Brien. While O'Brien was no Marino, he was a quality quarterback for the Jets for nine seasons.

    His 50 wins with the Jets gives him the second most all time for Jets quarterbacks. He threw 124 total touchdowns and 24,386 yards. O'Brien appeared in three playoff games and lost all three.

3. Chad Pennington

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    Chad Pennington was very successful early on in his Jets career but injuries stunted him from reaching his potential.

    Pennington's 32 wins makes him fifth on the Jets all-time wins for quarterbacks. He threw for 13,738 yards and 82 touchdowns. Pennington brought the Jets to the playoffs in three different seasons and had two wins.

2. Vinny Testaverde

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    Vinny Testaverde was a big fan favorite, but his time with the Jets came at the end of his career. After a season with Dallas, Testaverde returned to the Jets after both their starting and backup quarterback got injured.

    Testaverde had a 35-26 record with the Jets. His 35 wins gave him fourth most by a quarterback in team history. He also has the most wins by any Jets quarterback with a winning record. Testaverde threw for 12,490 yards and 77 touchdowns with the Jets. He was also 1-2 as the Jets starting quarterback in the postseason. 

1. Joe Namath

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    Should be no surprise here as "Broadway Joe" remains the only Jets quarterback to lead them to a Super Bowl victory. 

    Namath has become synonymous with the Jets and holds the team record in wins (60), touchdown passes (170) and passing yards (27057).

    Until another quarterback leads the Jets to a Super Bowl victory, Namath sits pretty atop the Jets top quarterbacks of all time.