MLB Veterans: They Will Always Remember Their First

KOSTAS EVANGELIOUContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

Brad Radke, Greg Maddux, Rick Ankiel, Kenny Lofton, and Mike Hampton.

What do all these guys have in common?

They have all managed to go back to their original ball clubs and and have productive comebacks.

My favorite is Rick Ankiel. This man had surgery after surgery after starting in the major leagues as a pitcher. In 2007, Ankiel came back to be an elite outfielder in the game.

Kenny Lofton came back to the Cleveland Indians, only to lose to my beloved Red Sox in the playoffs (so sad, Kenny).

Greg Maddux returned to the Windy City and made the playoffs, only to be eliminited in the first round at the hands of the much-hated Dodgers (Manny who?).

Mike Hampton has battled injuries, but managed to win double-digits in his return during a rough season for the Atlanta Braves.

Brad Radke made his return to Minnesota to be one of the few pitchers at his age to lead his team in innings pitched.

Though Jason Giambi is not one of my favorites, he is a premier hitter in the game. I hope he doesn't do well, just so my Red Sox can get Matt Holliday to Boston (sorry A's).