Liverpool FC: Winning the Carling Cup Final Is Important

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentFebruary 24, 2012

Liverpool FC: Winning the Carling Cup Final Is Important

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    Liverpool will face Cardiff City in the Carling Cup final this Sunday, but the credibility of the trophy has been questioned by some Liverpool supporters.

    This negativity will be exacerbated to the nth degree if Cardiff manages to upset the Reds.

    This article will address the negative misconceptions about winning the Carling Cup, and list some possible benefits. 


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Carling Cup Is Mickey Mouse Cup

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    For those of you who are not familiar with the term Mickey Mouse Cup, it’s a trophy that is looked down upon because it’s not relevant. 

    Some 35 years ago, Liverpool supporters mocked Everton for reaching the final of the League Cup because it was such.

    To demean another club for reaching a final is a sign of insecurity—and a way to deflect the disappointment of your club not being in the final. 

    Like, for example,  Manchester United supporters dismissing Liverpool’s 2001 treble because the Red Devils wanted to hide the fact that their club won two less trophies that season.

    Come to think about it, after Liverpool supporters called out Everton for reaching the League Cup final, which club reached the final the following season? Liverpool, of course.

    Do you remember which club beat Everton in the 1984 League Cup final replay? Liverpool, of course. (Mind you, Alan Hansen did a Luis Suárez at Wembley and got away with it.)

    Which club has won the most League Cups, or Mickey Mouse Cups? Liverpool.

    The League Cup may not be the trophy—but it is a trophy that needs to be won. 

The Fallacy of the Either-or Premise

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    Some Liverpool supporters have asked the question: Would you rather fourth place in the Premier League (to qualify for the UEFA Champions League), or a win in the Carling Cup final?

    This is a stupid question because it’s not an either-or situation.

    Liverpool can win the Carling Cup and also qualify for the Champions League—they’re in contention for the FA Cup too. 

Need to Win Again

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    The last time Liverpool won a trophy, Pepe Reina still had hair.

    It’s been five years, nine months and 12 days since Liverpool lifted the FA Cup at Millennium Stadium.

    Of the starting 11 that day, only Reina and Steven Gerrard are still regulars for the club.

    Winning the Carling Cup is a step in the right direction for a club that wants to be back on top. 

Building Momentum

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    During the 2000-01 season, what was the first trophy Liverpool won?

    The Worthington Cup (now named Carling Cup), and Liverpool went on to win another two trophies—thus completing a distinctive treble of silverware (League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup).

    It was a momentum changer as Steven Gerrard noted

    I’m hoping this is just the beginning for us. It would be stupid to win the Carling Cup and then rest on our laurels. I honestly believe winning this cup will be the catalyst for a successful period for the club.

    It will certainly give us the belief and confidence to deliver more. That’s what happened back in 2001.

    Just to go a bit off-topic, the goalkeeper who I've circled is Pegguy Arphexad, a man who won six trophies in three years whilst making six appearances for Liverpool.  

    The No. 1 at the time was Sander Westerveld, who was the Fabien Barthez of Liverpool.

    The guy could be world class—like saving Andy Johnson's penalty to win the Worthington Cup—or shocking—like punching the ball into his own net against Chelsea.  

Do It for Kenny Dalglish

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    Kenny Dalglish has never won the League Cup as a manager.

    His Liverpool side reaching the Carling Cup final is a better scenario than Roy Hodgson’s Liverpool getting knocked out of the third round by Northampton Town.


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