Top 5 ESPN Fantasy Games

Chad IrvineContributor IIIFebruary 24, 2012

Top 5 ESPN Fantasy Games

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    ESPN has come up with a way to draw us all into the game with our own competitive spirit and the intensity of the Super Bowl at times.

    Some of the games are original to ESPN; others can be found on many other websites, but ESPN finds a way to get many into the game with rewards and prizes for everyone to compete for.

    Here are the top five ESPN fantasy games.

5: Uber Challenge

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    Uber Challenge seems a bit excessive for my liking, but it is different and that is why it made the list.

    Take college football, mix it with NASCAR and throw in a bit of football and this is what you get. The way this works is by awarding you points on your performance in many different fantasy games.

    Overall, I think it takes too long to play and takes up way too much time for one to coordinate all of their leagues to get maximum points. Maybe limit it to the big four sports and a few minor ones, but check it out for yourself; you'll see what I'm talking about.

4. Champions League Pick'em

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    The Champions League Pick'em is fun because of the sport itself.

    Most pick'em games make it easy to decide who's going to win, but lineup changes, roster moves and the smallest details within a program can completely turn a team around.

    Of course, there are prizes at stake in this one; one can win a $500 ESPN Shop gift card for their entry. This one is short and simple—minutes for each round and you're done. Much easier than the Uber Challenge.

3. Bracket Challenge

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    Bracket Challenge is one of the most competitive games of the year.

    Schools, businesses, families, EVERYONE seems to compete in these bracket games for the NCAA tournament, but it isn't original and that's why it's only third on the list.

    ESPN seems to have it figured out, providing all the basic research such as a team's points-per-game and points allowed within the bracket by clicking a button.

    I don't know many people who aren't involved in this, and everyone has their own way to fill one out. Mine is based off hours of research; yes, hours. You might say this game only lasts a month, but it takes many months of watching teams play to figure out who's moving on and who's going home.

2. Super Bowl Pick 'em

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    Super Bowl Pick'em puts a twist on the Super Bowl; 20 questions about the game, all multiple choice questions. Get points for getting them right.

    Here's the catch: Some answers allow more points than others; then again the likelihood of these "underdog" picks happening is small (like the opening score of this year's game being a safety would have been worth more than a touchdown).

    Unfortunately this only happens once a year, but it is plenty of fun when it comes around.

1. Streak for the Cash

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    Streak for the Cash is my favorite of all.

    It's simple—a win gets you a green, a loss gets you a red. You want green and don't want red. Win 27 in a row and you get the stash, $50,000 adds to it every month until it is won.

    Longest streak without reaching 27 wins will get you $5,000 and you get other prizes including cash from most wins in a month (not in a row). Some people take this very seriously, trying to win the stash.

    There are websites dedicated to it, including The Streak Experts. Sites like this do the research for you and tell you what they find as well as confidence in the picks. If you are not making picks already, why not? Start streaking!!!