WWE Superstar JBL Reacts to The Movie "The Wrestler"

Colin VassalloCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Darren Aronofsky gave Vince McMahon a private screening of "The Wrestler." While it wasn't a surprise to the majority of the people, the WWE Chairman didn't like the movie one bit for its portrayal of professional wrestling.

A statement from TNA followed later, praising the movie for giving the wrestling mainstream attention and Rourke's spectacular acting in the leading role.

In his latest blog on the WWE Universe website, former WWE champion John "Bradshaw" Layfied said the movie "was awesome and extremely well written," something that will not go down well with the Chairman.

"This was the business I broke into many years ago. However, that business has changed," JBL said, noting the different tests that have been introduced lately to protect the performers.

"Even with all the negative stereotypes in the movie, this was a part of what I did to get to WWE and it was fun to watch. A little scary to watch, but fun," he concluded.