January 2009 IDPs Rankings: Defensive Backs

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IJanuary 7, 2009

By Sean Haugh

Defensive Back (DB) is the hardest position to predict because the top performers change so much from year to year. Precisely one DB, Oshiomogho Atogwe, finished in the top 10 the last two years, which is why he is No. 1 in the rankings.

On most plays, every team has four or five players on the field that can score fantasy points from this position. It’s a position where young players can rise quickly, while also allowing older players to be productive well into their 30s.

For these and other reasons, I highly recommend waiting until the end of your draft to even start taking DBs. On most of my teams, I end up with a completely different roster at DB than who started the season for me.

The waiver wire is always rich with DB talent, so let other owners waste middle round draft picks on them while you shore up at more stable positions.

These rankings are heavily skewed towards tacklers and young talent. Few DBs are going to have big plays every game, which makes a DB with steady tackle production golden. These rankings will probably change the most during the offseason.

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