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MMA: The 10 Most Annoying Things Yelled at a Live Event

Kyle SymesCorrespondent IIIJanuary 19, 2017

MMA: The 10 Most Annoying Things Yelled at a Live Event

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    In any MMA fight there are moments of silence where both corners aren't yelling instructions and the announcers cease their commentary. It is during these few seconds that fans choose to yell some of the most obnoxious and annoying comments.

    Like all sporting events, alcohol is sold in abundance and likely contributes to the fans getting rowdy. Let's hope the people who yell these phrases have been drinking a few so they at least have an excuse.

    Excuse or not, the fact remains the that all of these are by far the most annoying things about watching a MMA bout.

Calling for a Triangle/Armbar

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    While there are quite a few submission holds to latch on from your back while in guard, it seems the triangle choke and armbar are the most well known.

    If a fighter needs to be reminded about a triangle choke or armbar then MMA is not for them. Those holds are week one maneuvers and are easily avoidable.

    Next time you see your fighter holding someone in their guard why not scream for a kimura or guillotine just for the sake of being different?

Cheering More for the Ring Girls Than the Fighters

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    I can appreciate a beautiful woman and dislike a boring fight just as much as the next person. But do fans really need to make more noise for a ring girl than for the fighters?

    Chael Sonnen pointed out the lack of difficulty in holding a number card in between rounds, and, in the bigger promotions, the girls don't even have to walk around all of the cage.

    Sure, seeing a hot girl walk by may be the most action fans see in some MMA bouts, but we should still reserve the cheers/jeers for the actual athletes.

Chanting "Die" to Fighters

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    Although I'm sure it gets thrown around a few times at other events, the most high-profile case of this chant was during the UFC 142 weigh-ins.

    Brazilians, known for their passion, got a little carried away and began chanting, "You will die" to Chad Mendes and Anthony Johnson.

    MMA may resemble ancient gladiatorial combat, but the fighters will live to fight another day. There's really no need to wish death upon a fighter that you don't like. And, if they were a true MMA fan, they would know a death during a MMA fight could mean the death of the sport.

Fans Who Giggle/Laugh If a Bout Ends Up in North/South Position

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    When two high-level grapplers wind up on the ground, odds are they will end up in north/south position at least once.

    The position seems to open the door for all homoerotic comments to be made—never mind the fact that it is a legitimate and dangerous position.

    Fans are often too busy laughing it up to notice the fighter on top is working for a choke and often have no clue as to why the bout is over.

Booing During a Post-Fight Interview

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    It's nice to have some insight about what really went on inside the cage after watching a bout. Often times words are exchanged and journalists (along with some MMA fans) want to know the intricate details of a fight.

    If fans didn't get too carried away with booing their least favorite fighter, we may have more "Chael Sonnen moments" where fighters leave a lasting impression with their performance and interview as well.

"F*** Him Up!"

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    It never fails at an MMA event. There's always at least one drunk person who yells this out before, during and even after a fight.

    Most fighters are great professionals and have at least some measure of class. There's really no place for the "bar brawl" fan mentality. We don't hear it at any other sporting event, and it is definitely annoying to hear while a fight is happening.

    The only part I like about fans chanting this is when they say it after their fighter lost a decision. The fighter just had three to five rounds to do just that; obviously it's not happening tonight.

"Go Get a Room" When a Bout Becomes a Stalemate on the Ground

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    When a fighter maneuvers his opponent to the ground, he usually can work some decent strikes or possibly set up a nice submission. But often times the fighter on bottom is in ultimate defense mode and refuses to give up any space.

    This will lead to a stalemate on the ground that sees a bout's pace become slow. During this time, MMA fans will yell insults like "get a room" among others.

    Instead of blaming the guy on top, why not blame the guy on bottom who apparently has no grappling skills at all?

Ordering a Fighter to KNEE! WHile in a Clinch

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    Almost immediately after two fighters become locked in a clinch, there's always at least a third of the crowd yelling for a knee.

    All armchair coaching jokes aside, do we really think fighters don't know to use knees while in the clinch? For some fighters, like ones who specialize in Muay Thai, it's their objective.

    It wouldn't be so bad if the fans who chanted this simply yelled it once, but they feel the need to repeat it as if the fighter should be acting upon their commands instantaneously.

Booing a Grappling Contest

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    It's been known for a while that the general public within the MMA community prefers standup fighters to wrestlers and jiu-jitsu artists. The KO is exciting, but just because every fight doesn't resemble the Saturday night bar scene in your hometown doesn't mean it's not entertaining.

    One of the more recent examples is when Stephan Bonnar was booed following his bout against Kyle Kingsbury. Despite Bonnar playing a smart and safe strategy, the fans voiced their displeasure due to him not swinging like a wild man.

    Grappling exchanges can often times be more exciting than the usual striking exchanges, but it will take some education on the part of MMA fans for them to ever fully understand the ground game.


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    Without a doubt the most annoying chant at an MMA event is when a crowd breaks into a U-S-A chant.

    It's one thing if the chant is for someone who has served in the armed forces like Brian Stann, but it becomes a problem when fans chant it because the other fighter is foreign.

    There are plenty of reasons for fans to hate or dislike fighters. Their nationality shouldn't be among them.

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