Seahawks 2012 Mock Draft: 5 Possible Trades Seattle Could Make in the 1st Round

Josh SteinContributor IIIMarch 3, 2012

Seahawks 2012 Mock Draft: 5 Possible Trades Seattle Could Make in the 1st Round

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    As seen in my previous article, the Seahawks could end up trading their first round pick when April comes around. Seattle may decide to fill a hole at linebacker or defensive end with their 12th pick, but taking the risk could prove to be more rewarding.

    Trading down could supply Seattle with a large amount of picks which gives them more depth and talent. Trading up, however, would give the Seahawks the ultimate prize—a franchise quarterback. Even though it comes with a steep price, getting a star QB would help this team tremendously.

    The Seahawks may choose to trade their first round pick, so this is an in-depth look at a few of those potential trades.

Trade Option #1: Move Up to St. Louis Rams #2 Pick

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    Yes, the idea of the Seahawks in-division rival supplying them with a franchise quarterback seems somewhat farfetched, but it becomes more reasonable when you look closer at it.

    The Rams have recently announced that they are in the market for teams that are willing to pay the price for Robert Griffin III. It is assumed that they are looking for the highest bidder.

    The Seahawks have said multiple times that they are not trading up but RG3 could change their minds. This would be an expensive, in terms of picks, move if they are willing to give up more than the Browns, Redskins, and Dolphins, but the reward could make the Seahawks franchise a sudden contender.

    Potential trade:

    Rams receive—2012: 1st round, 3rd round, 4th round. 2013 1st round.
    Seahawks receive—2012 1st round

Trade Option #2: Move Up to Minnesota Vikings #3 Pick

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    The Rams have recently announced that they are trading their pick, but the Vikings are waiting in the shadows in case no deal can be made. If this pick were to be traded, it would be similar to a trade made with the St. Louis Rams.

    This may sound like a stupid speculation, but anything is possible on draft day: such as a first overall selection being traded moments after his pick (Eli Manning).

    If the Vikings do sit at pick three with Robert Griffin III still on the board, they could be looking at an excellent opportunity to trade down. This will also present the Seahawks with a better chance at landing the Heisman Trophy winner, as the Vikings won't have to worry about giving an in-division opponent a franchise QB.

    When it comes down to it, the Rams trading their pick isn't definite until the paperwork is done, and until a new team is sitting at the two spot. The Seahawks may go harder if they don't have to convince the Rams.

    Potential trade:

    Vikings receive—2012: 1st round, 3rd round, 5th round. 2013 1st round.
    Seahawks receive—2012 1st round

Trade Option #3: Move Down to New York Jets #16 Pick

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    In the NFL draft, four picks could make a substantial difference in the player you receive. If you look at the 2007 draft, the 12th pick, which is where Seattle picks this year, there you would find Seattle star Marshawn Lynch. He has become one of the premier backs in the NFL and has excited Seahawk fans everywhere.

    If you go down just four selections, though, to where the Jets pick this year, you'll see Justin Harrell. Haven't heard of him? Don't be embarrassed, not many people have. As of the conclusion of the 2010 season, Harrell had participated in just 14 regular season games over four seasons for the Green Bay Packers. He was released on July 28, 2011.

    Trading up is a pricey event, even if it's only a few picks. The Seahawks could ask for two first rounders from the Jets, and that price could rise if Trent Richardson, the Alabama star, is still on the board.

    The Jets will most likely be looking for a player for the backfield to play alongside Shonn Greene if Ladanian Tomlinson goes through with his expected retirement.

    Richardson could potentially drop to 12 if teams decide to address other needs, and that could play right into the Seahawks hands.

    Potential trade:

    Jets receive—2012 1st round
    Seahawks receive—2012 1st round, 2012 3rd round, 2012 7th round

Trade Option #4: Move Down to Denver Broncos #25 Pick

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    The Fighting Tim Tebows have designed a new formula for success that utilizes the running game extensively. Unfortunately for them, their is a need for a skilled running back tandem in order to do that.

    The Broncos revolutionized the football world, and pop culture in general, yet they ended the regular season at just 8-8. This draft, though, they will try to feed into their unique style of play as they will look to draft a running back.

    With Knowshon Moreno's season ending injury and Willis McGahee's age, they need an RB and the 12th pick could be where they need to go in order to get this year's obvious rushing star, Trent Richardson.

    The Seahawks could get a tremendous amount of picks from the Broncos in exchange for this pick, as Denver needs to add a star to this option system.

    Potential trade:

    Broncos receive—2012 1st round,
    Seahawks receive—2012 1st round, 2012 2nd round, 2012 3rd round

Trade Option #5: Trade Down to Cincinatti Bengals

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    The Bengals and the Seahawks are very similar teams when it comes to the rebuilding process that they are in. The Bengals have to be looking for a running back to compliment the young passing attack after Cedric Benson's countless disappointments.

    It may not be their most pressing need, but guard is also a need for the Bengals. Fortunately, both those needs have solutions at the 12th pick. Whether they want to draft David Decastro or Trent Richardson, they will need to move up to fulfill one of these holes.

    It may cost a good amount to move up, but the Bengals have to sure up any weak points if they plan to be a playoff regular in that tough AFC North.

    And remember, the Bengals do possess two first round picks after they gave up Carson Palmer last fall to the Raiders.

    Potential trade:

    Bengals receive—2012 1st round, 2012 2nd round, 2012 4th round
    Seahawks receive—2012 1st round, 2012 1st round,