Sore Losers: Patriot Fans Feel THEY Were Cheated A Super Bowl Victory

Dan SiegelSenior Analyst IApril 2, 2017










Sorry Bleacher Reporteros if this is old news, but this writer was just informed of such an alarming story that it had to be posted on this site for the world to see. 

Apparently, there are over 26,000 New England Patriot fans who are still hoping the Patriots can achieve a perfect season.

No, not the 2008 season.  The 2007 season.  The one where the Giants beat them in the Super Bowl.

Or did they?

According to a petition on, fans of the New England Patriots are petitioning the NFL and their buddy, commish Roger Goodell, to review the last 1:40 of the Super Bowl.  After Brandon Jacobs converted a first down on the 4th and 1 play, the clock had stopped as the officials were spotting the ball and determining whether or not a measurement was needed.  These Patriot fans believe that this stoppage does not fall under NFL rules for when the clock should be stopped.

They believe that if the clock had kept running, the Giants would not have had enough time to win the game.

This point of view is easily refuted with a couple of simple arguments:

First, the officials can call an administrative time out for things like ball-spotting, measuring, etc. 

Second, even if the officials had given the Giants a few extra seconds they should not have had, this would have meant that the Patriots simply would have had less time on their futile last second drive after Plaxico Burress's touchdown catch.

Hopefully, the NFL has dismissed this as complete rubbish and will move on with their lives.

This writer is growing weary of all of the "Let's review this play, and that game, and this event."  Mistakes (if they are legitimate) are made by officials all the time.  Sports are officiated by, newsflash, human beings, who, bigger newsflash, make mistakes.  (Does that electronic sensor in tennis make mistakes?)

The biggest sin in that category has got to be the review of Paul Hamm's 2004 Olympic Gold Medal in men's gymnastics.  This guy worked his keister off to become an Olympic champion only to have one of his competitors play the "should've, could've, would've" game.  The fact that people feel as though the Wheaties-box-worthy Hamm should have given back his gold is a disgrace.

So Patriot fans, please don't resort to acting like a whiney Korean gymnast anymore and focus on 2008.

Annyong-hi kashipshio