DEGENERATION X Have Taken Over The Globe

Paul BentleyContributor IJanuary 7, 2009


This has got to be the greatest team in the world of Pro Wrestling, together with both of thier talents combined, and i've seen people holding up signs for DX almost every show. Not only that but they have fans worldwide supporting them every week, I think they are fantastic.

They both have great skills between them, and I also remember some of the funny moments that i saw on the shows with a motto of anything goes, wheather they were getting thier own back at the Mcmanhons, or getting some payback from other superstars, eventually they would come out on top and they would be entertaining fans in the process.

I even remember some of the original members of DX, now it just seems to be the remaining 2, I'm glad they are still around. For me I have always been a huge DX Fan, I love their slogans, and lets not forget all the merchandise on them, and the Entrance Music's. I even remember when they made a huge come back on Raw it was wild.

I can't think what the world of Pro Wrestling would be like without DX it would have been a big shame i think.


So if your not down with my article, I've got 2 words for ya "whats uuuuuppppp".

Ha Ha Ha.