Brittney Palmer Works Out, Talks MMA

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowFebruary 23, 2012

Kenda Perez and The Ultimate Show sat down with Brittney Palmer for an exclusive one-on-one interview that is sure to keep your attention.

The beautiful Palmer, who hit the cover of Playboy, tells all in this exclusive interview.

We wanted to know how she got into UFC and how she ended up as a ring girl, so we asked and she answered.

Palmer also happens to have another hobby that she would love to make a career of. What is it? You have to watch to find out.

If you think being a ring girl is easy, you’re highly mistaken. Palmer talks about how she has to workout all the time to stay fit and how she can’t eat nearly any junk food. She takes us to the gym and walks us through one of her incredibly difficult workouts that keep the stunning ring girl in shape and looking good.

Enjoy as Palmer bares all in this incredible interview featuring two of the most beautiful women in the sport!

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