What Now, Raider Nation?

Raider RodneyContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

So we've reached the end of another regular season. While we did finish on somewhat of a high note, knocking those Bucs out of the playoffs...Let's face it, 5-11 is still 5-11.  Most of us can never remember a more dreary time for our team than the past few years.

So I ask you, Raider Nation, what is next? Will Al Davis finally wake up from his coma and realize that we need a GM and a head coach that...Hold your breath...Actually coaches and deals with trouble-making players? 

Or does he beat around the bush for several months interviewing for the head coaches that will stand on the sideline like a statue as Al once again tries to run everything from his luxury box?

When the draft rolls around in a few months, what will we do? Will we actually draft some linemen or possibly a receiver or two? Or will those fast DBs be too much temptation? 

Free agency, you ask? How about our guys...Like Nnamdi and Shane, they need to be tied up first before we squander any more money on rejects like Javon "Champagne" Walker and DeMarshmallow Hall?

I guess the biggest question for us all is what will WE do? Well Nation, if the answers to these previous questions are the same as they have been for the past several years, I can tell you exactly what I will be doing.

I will NOT be attending any games. I will NOT be buying any merchandise. And I will NOT even subscribe to the Sunday Ticket this year. I have watched Al run this team into shambles for far too long.

Until Al begins showing a "Commitment to Excellence" and a true "Just Win, Baby" attitude...I, my friends...am out.