Top 10 Reasons the New York Mets Need Manny Ramirez

Ron GhilinoContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

Omar wants Manny. Mets management doe not. This is not a question of "want," but a question of "need." Do the Mets need Manny Ramirez? Here are 10 reasons I think they do.

1. Power Hitting - I don't need to recite the numbers. Manny can still put up big home run and RBI numbers.

2. Right-Handed Bat - Mets miss Alou in this role.

3. Steal Back Pages from the Yankees - For both good and bad reasons.

4. 1,000,000 Manny Jerseys Sold In One Day - @$85 per.

5. Left Field By Committee - Gone. I like Murphy and Tatis, but Manny in the lineup makes the Mets better.

6. Butts In The Seats - Pay Manny and people will come.

7. The SNY Promo - I can almost see Manny's smiling face.

8. Manny Wig Day - Better than Giambi Mustache Day.

9. Yankees Fans Will Hate Him - You can't deny that this is a positive.

10. Manny Being Manny - Whatever that means.