Patriots Fans Too Invested in Tom Brady's Every Move

Nick CovielloCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

No, this isn’t Tom F***in' Brady meet Tom Bitchin’ Brady, this is Tom F***in' Brady being introduced to Patriots fans, who will now go by the nickname “Terrified Beyond Belief”.

When Patriots fans didn’t catch a glimpse of Brady in the preseason, they started to get a little worried. Eventually, Brady started missing practices and those worried faces became stunned faces.

Then comes along the week before the start of the regular season when it’s announced that Brady has a cracked bone in his foot; however, he will probably start the opening week. Those worried and stunned expressions quickly moved to terrified expressions, at least in the eyes of this fan.

Normally, Boston fans act either outrageously smug or unbelievably pessimistic depending on how their teams are fairing; however, above all the other cases of smugness vs. pessimism comes the biggest one dealing with Tom Brady.

Tom Brady has been the NFL greatest QB for years and Patriots fans (even the humble ones) never let people forget it. It’d be hard to hold a conversation about a Patriots weakness with the phrase “we’ve got Brady, we’ll be fine” being uttered.

When Brady is on the field and open in the eyes of the fan, New England is at bliss. Yes indeed, Tom Brady is a hero.

Unfortunately, everyone hero has a heroic flaw.

Don’t get me wrong, Tom Brady is the perfect human being. I’ve never seen another sports figure make less mistakes than he does. No, the problem lies in his faithful worshippers. Patriots fans cared far too much about Tom Brady.

What he’s doing, where he’s doing it, what he’s thinking, and above all, his health. BB, meaning “Before Brady,” you would be lucky to find one person who would skip an important day with their family to stay home and watch Drew Bledsoe command the Patriots.

The fans cared, but they didn’t REALLY care...Especially from '97-2000. The Patriots had been entering a dark age when a Californian prodigy arrived in New England. He wasn’t nestled in a manger, but he might as well have been. As his magical word was spread, more and more people came to follow him and his word.

Seven years and three Super Bowl rings later, fans are obsessed. He is easily the most cared about New England figure in recent years; more than Nomar, Pedro, Ortiz, Ramirez, Pierce, KG, or Allen. (I won’t go as far as to say Russell, Bird, Clemens, Yaz, and Williams since I didn’t witness them do their thing, but I have a feeling Brady is above them as well.)

Knowing this, can you imagine the reaction to the news that Brady has a cracked bone in his foot? Can you imagine the thoughts of Patriots fans when they heard that Brady SHOULD be ready for opening week? Can you imagine how many people out there would offer up a relative or girlfriend/boyfriend to God as long Brady is healthy?

The coming days and first few weeks, all eyes will be on Brady. The Pats went 0-4 in the preseason, showed both a weak defense and offense, and yet Tom Brady is going to be in the spotlight again. Each time Brady drops back, fans will hold their breath. Every time Brady throws a seed to Randy, Pats fans will exhale and claim how they weren’t worried. Every time he overthrows a receiver, Pats fans will start blaming the foot.

And every time Brady gets hit or falls to the ground, Pats fans hearts will stop.

Just another game in the Tom Brady age, but this time there is going to be a larger amount of worry coming with every play.

And personally, I’m terrified beyond belief.