Jeremy Lin: Hottest Tweets, Expert Analysis and Predictions as Lin Meets LeBron

Ethan NorofCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Hottest Tweets, Expert Analysis and Predictions as Lin Meets LeBron

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    As we anxiously await Thursday's showdown between the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks, there are a variety of different opinions being shared as to what might happen.

    With the performance of the Miami Heat going largely unnoticed because the country is swept up with Linsanity, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will be out to prove that everyone should be discussing the most talented team in the Eastern Conference.

    Even the beat writers for the respective clubs are intrigued with this one are excited, and the television ratings will be extraordinarily high.

    Fans of basketball, even if not cheering for either team, are going to be watching this one.

Jeremy Lin Won't Change His Game

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    Jeremy Lin isn't going to change his game just because he's going up against LeBron James.

    "We have to be aggressive and not change anything on my end," said Lin, and it's a good vote of confidence heading into a marquee matchup to the rest of his teammates.

    Lin has to assert himself both on and off the court, and the fact that he's wholeheartedly embraced his job as floor general speaks volumes about his character as a professional athlete.

Jeremy Lin's Shoe Deal

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    Nike is buying into Linsanity in emphatic fashion.

    Not only will the company extend its current contract that they have with Lin, but it will also create a custom shoe designed specifically for him.

    Clearly, Nike doesn't expect Lin's play to fall off at any point int he near future.

    While some have viewed Lin as a product of Mike D'Antoni's system, it doesn't much matter as long as his team continues to have success.

Heat Tired of Linsanity Talk

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    The Miami Heat can't buy into the Jeremy Lin hype.

    In fact, this team is tired of hearing about him and the New York Knicks.

    Here is what Dwyane Wade had to say:

    “Can it work with Melo? The jury is out,” Wade said. “I don’t know if it will work or not. I know Melo’s one of the best scorers we’ve seen in this game, and obviously Lin controls the ball now and they’ve been very successful using this method. I think they can play together, eventually. But it’s going to take some time.”

    Some might perceive that as Wade "hating," but it's possible he was just speaking from experience after Miami started 9-8 last season in its first campaign with the Big Three.

    No matter what the subtext of his quote was, Wade and his teammates are greatly anticipating this matchup.

Miami Defense Will Present a Challenge to Jeremy Lin

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    A stringent Miami defense will present Jeremy Lin with a task unlike any he has faced to date.

    LeBron James knows he's going to end up defending Lin at some juncture of the game, and it would be a surprise if it didn't happen frequently throughout the game.

    Mike D'Antoni knows that Lin will have a challenge in being defended by James.

    "He'll find out himself. He might as well experience it," D'Antoni said. "That's good; it's maximum respect if it happens. Jeremy will handle it, and hopefully the Knicks will handle it."

    We'll find out just how much of a problem James might present to Lin on Thursday evening.

Jeremy Lin's New Digs

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    No more of Landry Fields' couch for Jeremy Lin.

    Lin has moved into a new two-bedroom rental that overlooks the Statue of Liberty.

    Listed at a rental price of $13,000 per month, Lin reportedly got the place at a discounted rate, but it has not been disclosed.

    Now that his contract is guaranteed and he'll be getting a major pay raise after the season, finances are a slightly less pressing concern for the point guard.

There Is Plenty of Hype for This Game

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    The tweet pictured here really says it all.

    There was a time when this contest would've been hyped as LeBron James vs. Carmelo Anthony, but that is no longer the case.

    All eyes are firmly fixated on Jeremy Lin and what he'll be able to do against the mighty Miami Heat.

    There hasn't been this much buildup for a regular season game before the All-Star break in quite some time.

The Lin-Stopper

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    Who is going to be the designated Jeremy Lin "stopper?"

    None other than Joel Anthony.

    As ESPN's Tom Haberstroh describes so brilliantly, it makes a lot more sense than anyone might initially imagine.

    With a spider-like body extension, Anthony possesses the rare ability to bottle up point guards trying to turn the corner after a ball screen. And the pick-and-roll happens to be Lin and Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni's specialty.

    Anthony does a phenomenal job of altering shots at or near the rim, and his impressive defense is the reason why he's been in Miami's starting lineup (and will remain there) all season.

Ticket Prices

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    Ticket prices are going through the roof to see this matchup.

    The average price per ticket is well above what it usually is, and the average price increased an unbelievable 178 percent since Jeremy Lin's first start for the Knicks.

    It's going to be a packed house in Miami, and there is no doubt the energy in the building will be unlike anything we've seen this year.