10 Athletes' Homes We Would Love to Party at

Matt JohnsonCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2012

10 Athletes' Homes We Would Love to Party at

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    Professional athletes have cash, and they like to spend it. We all know that. We have seen their palaces on cribs and other various celebrity shows.

    As fans, many of us do not really care how much money they have or how many cars their garages hold. Instead, we like to daydream. How epic would it be to attend a party there? What other professional athletes and celebrities would I meet?

    There are hundreds of hilarious and entertaining athletes out there who love the party lifestyle and like to talk big, but perhaps the biggest boost to their reputation would be how amazing a party at their crib would be.

    Here are 10 athletes who we would never pass up an invitation from to go party at their home.

Tom Brady

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    The New England Patriots quarterback just had construction finished on a gigantic mansion in Los Angeles for himself and supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen.

    I’m not saying Brady is No. 1 on my list for athletes I would like to party with, but this rager would not be about just the gunslinger. This 22,000 square foot, two-wing house also features a lagoon shaped swimming pool.

    Check out the pictures of this mansion supplied by Huffington Post.

    This party would be more about the guests of Gisele, which would be sure to include scores of Victoria’s Secret angels among other desirable attendees. Let’s just be sure that baby Benjamin is fast asleep in the in-home nursery for the night.

    Combine that with the SoCal weather, and we have ourselves a fantasizing party just waiting to happen… 

Derek Jeter

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    The New York Yankees’ superstar just finished construction on a brand new $7 million crib in Tampa, Florida. How much would you pay for a ticket to the housewarming party?

    If Jeter is the type of guy who offers gift baskets to lady "friends," I am sure a party at his new pad would be off the hook.

    Pictures, courtesy of COED Magazine, can be viewed here.

    Being a popular sports figure in New York City, you can be sure he has a Rolodex of famous guys and girls who would be in attendance.

Shaquille O’Neal

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    The recently retired, and newly single, Shaq Diesel is now able to live the party lifestyle (as if he was not already doing so before). His massive crib in Sudbury, Mass., even contains a par-three golf course on the property.

    From playing careers in Orlando, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Boston, and yes, Cleveland, you can be certain that the "Big Aristotle" has friends all over the map. Over the past 15 years he has been one of the most recognizable and entertaining personalities in sports.

    I cannot image a party at Shaq’s house anything short of epic. Take a look at the venue of a party thrown by Shaquille O’Neal in this video. Even the neighbours seem stoked on having him in the community.

    Just don't expect Kobe Bryant to be in attendance.

Chad Ochocinco

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    In the time that Chad Ochocinco spent with Cincinnati, I’m sure he was mentally designing this outrageous mansion which resembles the inside exhibits at Sea World. His Florida home contains multiple expensive aquariums throughout the place, and would only add to a crazy party atmosphere.

    Take a look at the pictures to believe it for yourself. Even the spandex-wearing blonde seems impressed with the setup in the master bedroom.

    Perhaps this is all just to create attention, which we all know Chad loves doing. Either way, this pad is sick and I am sure none of us would pass up the opportunity to party there.

Tiger Woods

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    The expensive divorce from Elin Nordegren certainly did not leave Tiger living on the street. His new $60 million (yes, you read that right) palace in Florida is unbelievable.

    Complete with a running track and a four-hole golf course, this property would be the ultimate venue to throw down in. The place also has incredible ocean views and a glass-fronted lift, for those who have partied too hard to take the stairs.

    Here are some snap shots of this jaw-dropping mansion, courtesy of Daily Mail.

    Now I know what you are thinking, and yes, there would likely be women from a variety of respectable professions and backgrounds in attendance at a Woods party.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    The Portuguese superstar, currently applying his trade for Real Madrid, is fortunate enough to go home after training to his lavish mansion in Madrid.

    For the first time on our list, we have added some European flare. Europeans sure do know how to party, and I am sure a celebration at the Ronaldo estate would be wild, contain many pretty guests and go well in to the hours of the morning.

    Of course, there will be time for a siesta the following day.

Derek Roy

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    The Buffalo Sabres centre is probably the least-renowned athlete on our list, but for cribs to party at, he could even make a case for the top spot.

    Roy has a beautiful summer house surrounded by wilderness that is located at the base of a lake. He even has a room designated for friends and family to crash in. Perfect.

    Being right on a lake makes this place the prime venue for a party. Wake-boarding and water skiing in the summer time along with chilling on the deck with some friends and some cold beverages makes this place a dream for parties.

    Check out the video of Roy’s cabin tour. 

LeBron James

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    You just know the King has a great party pad. Living in Miami must be incredible for throwing down. LeBron can luckily call this $9 million mansion his home.

    Over 12,000 square feet and access to the water, his Coconut Grove palace is the ideal venue for a massive party. I am sure he has hosted a few epic celebrations there already.

    Take a look at his mansion for yourself. Maybe the hate for LBJ will go down, but probably not.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    Mayweather’s Las Vegas estate is ridiculous. It has all the bells and whistles we have come to expect from a beyond loaded athlete, but Floyd has been known for throwing some epic parties.

    Celebrities such as 50 Cent and Rick Ross, among others, have been known for frequenting parties in this mansion. And why not? The place is huge and Mayweather is always up for hosting.

    Just take a look for yourself.

Amare Stoudemire

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    What better to do during the NBA lockout than buy a brand new $3.7 million house? Amare Stoudemire’s new Florida mansion, at 14,555 square feet, is incredible.

    The New York Knicks superstar can throw the sickest party in America if he wants to. With a massive swimming pool, the Florida sunshine and 2.35 acres to play with, Stoudemire needs to get the invites ready to celebrate what has been a successful season for the Knicks.

    TMZ has the photo gallery of this massive crib.