5 Worst Byproducts of Linsanity

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It’s hard not to love Jeremy Lin.

His entire life he’s battled stereotypes as an Asian-American trying to make it in the game of basketball. No major colleges offered him a scholarship, and no NBA teams gave him a look on draft night.

Finally given a chance to prove himself with the Knicks, he’s wowed audiences worldwide with statistical explosions and clutch performances that have blown all expectations out of the water.

But while most of us have grown to be big fans of Jeremy Lin, the phenomenon known as “Linsanity” is beginning to turn a great story into somewhat of a nuisance.

Unfortunately for the humble Harvard product, overblown coverage and reaction to his unforeseen rise to stardom is starting to rub a lot of NBA fans the wrong way.

It is in no way Jeremy’s fault that these things are happening—they are simply byproducts of the biggest story in sports today.

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