A Green Bay Packer Fan's Guide to the 2009 Offseason

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IJanuary 6, 2009

Welcome, friends, to my guide on what to watch for this offseason.

Honestly, this time of year, I was expecting to be dancing and prancing to the divisional playoffs.

Oh, how times have changed.

So we all know how 2008 went. Seven less wins than last year, missing the playoffs, the absolute destruction of what was a "defense", and the recent firing of six assistant coaches.

Of course there were some bright spots.

Aaron Rodgers can actually finish a season. Not only that, but he can be damn good.

Greg Jennings wants to be a Packer next year (according to reports).

Is that it? Ehh, well...I guess we did grant Jim Rome his wish in denying the Lions their first win of the season.

So what do we do now? We don't have "The Brett Favre Watch" anymore.

Not to worry my friends. David will bring you the Packer Fan's 2009 Offseason guide.

Pro Bowl

Does this count as the offseason?

Actually, it counts for nothing. Except a stat to use in arguments for "who is the better player."

Pretty lame. I never watch it.

Free Agency

With Greg Jennings saying that he will honor his contract and collect after he makes the Pro Bowl, there isn't a lot to worry about losing players.

With the exception of Mark Tauscher.

What we do have to worry about is Ted Thompson dropping the ball again by making virtually no signings.

Talent-wise, the Packers are pretty sound. But this team needs veteran leadership. Something it lost last March.

It would be wise to sign either big-time names or veteran leaders.

Some names to entertain you:

Ray Lewis, Matt Birk (gasp), Bertrand Berry and Brian Dawkins.

Who would you like to see in green and gold next year?

NFL Draft

Again, the Packers are young enough and pretty set at most positions. Look for Thompson to drop the ball again in this draft.

I expect the Packers to draft lots of players at positions in which the Packers have...Sgeing starters.

Such as: Cornerback and Tackle.

Personally, I want to see James Laurinaitis in a Packer uniform next year.

Imagine this: A.J. Hawk (the beast) on the left.

Now imagine Laurinaitis (the bear. Literally, a bear) on the right.

That should patch up that run defense.

Who will replace Bob Sanders?

The great thing about this NFL season is that "no-name" coaches have arisen from literally...nowhere.

So don't get discouraged if the Packers sign a defensive coordinator with virtually no experience.

Of course, we all want a name we know.

Right now there are no leading candidates. Of course, there is no rush as the playoffs are still going on (who knows, we may steal one of those AMAZING defensive coordinators in the AFC).

2009 Opponents

I recently took a look at the 2009 opponents. A relatively simple schedule.

The Packers will play the NFC West, AFC North.

Of course, the traditional six divisional games.

With the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers rounding out the schedule.

Honestly, the Packers play three really scary teams. It always helps when you play the NFC West.

In closing

The Packers need to change the trend of past years. Ted Thompson must get aggressive in free agency and he must draft solid players.

Overall, a very routine offseason. Unless you are Mike McCarthy, who is undoubtedly on the hot seat next season.

Go Pack Go!