WWE News: Watch CM Punk Speak on His Twitter Feud with Singer Chris Brown

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2012

Following the media firestorm that was stirred up by CM Punk Monday morning with his tweet about Chris Brown, the WWE Champion went on the New York City radio station Hot 97 FM and went a little more in depth about the reason for his feud with the hip hop star.

During the interview, Punk was asked among things if he could forgive Brown for actions in the altercation against then girlfriend and fellow singer Rihanna in 2009.

The WWE Champion said he could forgive the Grammy winner, but with Brown's erratic actions, Punk said that he needs to be more humble than he has appeared in recent displays on television and on Twitter.

The one thing that I don’t want to see come from this back and forth between Punk and Brown is for the singer to make his way onto any WWE television program or pay-per-view, to go face to face with the WWE Champion.

While celebrity involvement usually always gives the WWE a little boost, I think, in my personal opinion, it would not be a wise decision for Vince McMahon to bring in Brown—like he did during the feud with the Big Show and boxer Floyd Mayweather.

So Bleachers, do you want the Twitter feud between CM Punk and singer Chris Brown to continue or quickly be extinguished, before it goes any farther?

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