Is Alex Kovalev Captain Worthy?

Dave muehlingCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

I am a huge Montreal Canadiens fan. It was come to my understanding that Alex Kovalev is the captain while Koivu is out due to injury. I my self have a huge problem with this due to the fact that Kovalev is not a two way player he is strictly offence oriented, another reason i believe that he should not be the captain is that Koivu has been the captain for a good amount of time know and i don't believe that if your injured and out of the game you should have your C stripped from you. A great captain shows leadership on and off the ice, i believe the Montreal should take the c off of Kovalev and make him an alternate captain , have 3 alternate instead of a captain. Koivu is the captain he is the leader , and Kovalev is not. I don't hate Kovalev i just don't think he should be captain.