Pilar Sanders: Deion Sanders Shouldn't Sweat Silly $200M Lawsuit From Ex-Wife

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Pilar Sanders: Deion Sanders Shouldn't Sweat Silly $200M Lawsuit From Ex-Wife
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Anytime an athlete is involved in a TMZ report they should be terrified looking to run for the hills.

Luckily for former NFL star and current NFL Network broadcaster Deion Sanders, the report is beyond ridiculous.

He is currently going through a messy divorce with ex-wife Pilar that has been rather public. On Wednesday she decided to file the paperwork to sue Sanders and their daughter Deiondra for $200M. The allegations are quite severe according to TMZ:

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In her lawsuit, Pilar claims Deiondra and Deion have been attacking her with various "emotional weapons" for years ... including dominance, humiliation, isolation, threats, intimidation, denial and blame.

Pilar claims the Twitter rant was just another example of the humiliation she was forced to endure during the marriage ... adding, "[Deion and Deiondra] even persuaded [Pilar] that she was and is worthless, a 'gold diggin' ho, and that no one else would want her."

Pilar also claims the two would intimidate her by leaving various weapons on display around the house and "hurting pets."

So verbal attacks can cause $200M worth of damage? Are you serious? Deion has never been accused of physical abuse. Is it his fault Deiondra took his side in the divorce?

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The Twitter rant by Deiondra where she called her names obviously hit Pilar hard, but you can’t blame Neon Deion for that. Sure he is always trying to win over his daughter…that’s what every father is trying to do.

The report doesn’t go into detail about how Deion was “hurting pets,” which makes you wonder why she even mentioned it.

The whole lawsuit is preposterous. I’m sure Deion didn’t always call his wife the kindest of words, but that’s why the couple is getting divorced. Only in America is a $200M lawsuit attached.

Pilar claims her husband and daughter persuaded her into thinking she was a gold digger, but after this lawsuit it’s hard to disagree with Deion and Deiondra.

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