No Williams, No Paul, No Howard—No Problem for Knicks

Ted Leroux @@TedLerouxCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2012

Melo and Lin must mesh together for the Knicks to succeed
Melo and Lin must mesh together for the Knicks to succeedChris Trotman/Getty Images

In the NBA, there are two premiere markets in which the superstars of the league wish to play. New York and Los Angeles. But the orange and blue of the Knicks won't be adding any superstars anytime soon.

Since the emergence of Jeremy Lin, the Knicks have thought less and less about the possibility of signing star point guards like Deron Williams or Chris Paul. Dwight Howard has become even less of a possibility with the emergence of Tyson Chandler down low for New York.  This team is flourishing with Lin running the show, and they appear to be more team oriented, fluid and better on the offensive side of the floor. Defensively, the Knicks are still a work in progress, but to throw the Knicks a bone, a Mike D'Antoni coached team will never be a top defensive team.

Since Jeremy Lin has emerged for New York, we are seeing the true potential of a plethora of role players. Since Lin has taken over as floor general for this team, Landry Fields has emerged into the player he was before Carmelo donned his No. 7 Knicks uniform. He has been knocking down long range shots, attacking the rim, and being much more confident offensively for the Knicks.

With Jeremy Lin's ability to penetrate into the center of the paint, openings are plentiful for the Knicks' three-point shooters. Steve Novak and J.R. Smith have contributed significantly because of their ability to knock down open three-point shots. Once Lin emerged, so did Novak. He is possibly the most improved player on the team since Lin has emerged into a star. His open opportunities have given the Knicks another dimension to their offense. The "drive and kick" offense has worked at times for the Knicks. Lin's court vision and awareness has unleashed the ability for players like Novak, Smith and Fields to be known as dangerous scoring options. 

So, by this time you may think that I think everything is all roses for the Knicks, and they will march their way to a NBA title. As much as I wish that were the case, there is the giant elephant in the room—Carmelo Anthony's return.

In the first game that Melo took the floor alongside Mr. Lin, the offense looked a little out of sync and didn't seem the same. The Knicks ended up losing to the struggling Nets, but to throw the Knicks their second bone of this article, Deron Williams went crazy and put up 38 points to lead the Nets to a victory.

The Knicks have all the pieces in place to be able to contend in the Eastern Conference. A good point guard, good big men, some depth and offensive firepower, but the biggest key will be how Melo meshes with Lin and the rest of the team. It will take some time for them to be comfortable playing with each other, but when they do, the Big Apple may take a bite out of the Eastern Conference.