WWE: Is R-Truth Comic Relief or a Serious Contender?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IFebruary 22, 2012

Photo: wwesre.ucoz.com
Photo: wwesre.ucoz.com

Since his return to the WWE in 2008, Ron “R-Truth” Killings has been battling the slippery slope of success and main event contendership, but it's a battle that he's slowly losing. In 2011, Killings was portrayed as a ranting, mentally unstable lunatic that's nothing more than just comedic ammunition for other WWE superstars to get over on.

Some wrestling fans would argue that he was in the WWE championship picture with John Cena for a few months in 2011, but other fans would rebut with the fact that Killings' championship run was never taken seriously and was only a means to further push John Cena into the stratosphere of the WWE.

If Killings were a lower-level mid-card superstar that had no talent whatsoever, then the loony-tune gimmick would be a great fit for him, because he currently does get over with a large majority of the WWE fans. But Killings has a lot to offer in terms of his ability on the mic and his tremendous skills inside the ring.

Killings, whether fans like it or not, is a former world champion. During his run with TNA when it was still under the umbrella of the NWA, he captured the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on two separate occasions. Not to mention that he was a successful tag team competitor in TNA as well. When Killings is given the right push, he can go the distance in terms of looking like a serious competitor.

During the tail end of the WWE's most successful era in their history, the Attitude Era in 1999, Killings was paired up with “Road Dogg” Jesse James and was given the gimmick of a cliché rapper. Killings and James would rap together and were a moderately successful tag team.

But when James left the WWE in 2001, Killings was shuffled into the Hardcore Division. Aside from a few Hardcore title runs and participation in the 2001 Royal Rumble, Killings soon became a passing fancy and was released from the WWE the following year.

If Killings had debuted in the WWE during the Attitude Era's height, then he most likely would have achieved greater success as a singles competitor.

He does have a previous criminal record, and he served time in prison before becoming a professional wrestler. The WWE could have used that to their advantage by pushing Killings as a hardened ex-con that had no qualms about breaking the rules and taking out anyone who got in his way. Considering the extremely controversial storylines and R-rated theme of the WWE at the time, putting Killings in that type of role would have fit perfectly.

Killing's current run in the WWE is great for the fans who enjoy comedy, but long-term, it's not good for his career longevity. Wrestling fans do grow tired of superstars quickly, and when fans do not find Killings' antics funny anymore, he may be relegated off of WWE TV.

There are reports of Triple H pushing Killings' character, with more emphasis on the lunacy and less on the rapping and the dancing. Triple H will hopefully realize that Killings is capable of so much more and reward him down the line.

No matter what gimmick Killings has in the WWE, his great in-ring work and entertaining demeanor are a welcomed sight to see. But in order to be a massive success in the WWE, he will have to endure a little bad to gain a lot of good for his career, and, hopefully, it will pay off in dividends for Ron “R-Truth” Killings.