Ottawa Senators' Top Line End Drought

Sara Van CriekingenContributor IFebruary 23, 2008

It took two weeks for the "Big Three" to connect, but finally Ottawa Senators’ Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley are back on the score sheets.

What about Jason Spezza you ask? He has had his fair share of fame with the winning goal in the shootout against Philadelphia on Tuesday.

So why has it taken so long to get that puck in the back of the net for these three? Or were they a missile ready to blow?

A long few weeks without hearing their names in the glorious chatter after a triumphant win has caused a lot of scrutiny. But they clearly came through when their team nearly lost their reigning first place position. 

But don't forget the second line victories. Antoine Vermette and Chris Kelly both scored a goal and had plenty of assists, while Cory Stillman got his first goal as an Ottawa Senator this past week. Not to mention the fact that Ray Emery is getting starts which defy the "win and your in" method that coach Paddock installed.

Has the team finally picked their "go to goalie"?  

It appears Fisher’s luck has been bottled for another day. Not only has he hit three goalposts in one game but he is missing line mate Chris Neil. It appears another drought has started on the third line.  

All that needs to be focused on for the next game is stronger checks and better puck handling, as the Sens have given up way too many chances in their zone. Not to mention the penalties they have taken. Although it may not have been the prettiest win, and it may have caused agony and doubt, the Sens have gained one more win to stay on top in the East.