Bedazzled: Longhorns Hoist Third Grader's Handmade Trophy with Fiesta Bowl Win

Michael DezsoContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

In the season that saw Texas knock off arch-rival, No. 1 Oklahoma, ranked Missouri, Oklahoma State and now Ohio State, the highlight of the 12 win season was having the chance to hoist the handmade Fiesta Bowl trophy.

Not to be outdone by the BCS Championship trophy which is a spectacular, hand-blown Waterford crystal football, the Fiesta President Dick Wood turned to the most creative person he could think of to jazz up the Fiesta Bowl trophy and set it apart: Rebecca Ann Wood, his third-grade daughter.

When interviewed about the trophy President Wood had this to say, “While some have implied that this decision was an act of nepotism and desperation, I would say that you only have to look at her work in macaroni to see the talent level. I told her, 'just run with it'.” His daughter added simply, “What does nepotism mean?"

Bringing his lips to kiss the trophy on stage, an emotional Colt McCoy had this to say, “Getting to hold this trophy makes coming in second in the Heisman and losing a chance to play in the title game because a freshman couldn’t catch a lob all worth it.”

DeLoss Dodds, Texas longstanding athletic director, said that the Fiesta Bowl trophy will be a prized addition, placed in a position of honor, past the ’87 Bluebonnet Bowl trophy and next to the 1988 “participant” ribbon from the NCAA Collegiate games.