The Infamous NBA Look-Alike Quiz

Chris LucasCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

The Infamous NBA Look-Alike Quiz

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Q. Who will Greg Oden look like when he hits retirement?

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A. Bill Cosby

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Q. What PBS TV personality does Baron Davis look like?

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A. Lavar from Reading Rainbow

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Q. If Jason Kidd were a retired "beisbol" player, who would he be?

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A. Benito Santiago

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Q. If Manu Ginobili wasn't a mediocre basketball player that complained too much-but instead a mediocre actor- who would he be?

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A. Bronson Pinchot

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Q. Which Porn Star does Stan Van Gundy resemble?

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A. Ron Jeremy

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Q. Which daytime talk show host does Nick Van Exel resemble?

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A. Oprah Winfrey

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Q. When Mike Miller has short hair, what other semi-famous pathetic white guy does he look like?

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A. Steve-O from Jackass

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Q. Which day time television actor does Etan Thomas look most alike?

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A. Soap Opera phenom Keith Hamilton Cobb from "All My Children"

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