7 Reasons Why Dolph Ziggler Will Never Be WWE Champion

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 23, 2012

7 Reasons Why Dolph Ziggler Will Never Be WWE Champion

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    Dolph Ziggler is one of the top heels in the WWE, but he isn't proving to be one of their top stars.

    While having him fight against the heroes of the company is entertaining, he doesn't have the right chemistry needed to convince the audience or his superiors that he should be the man.

    For someone whose persona deals with the idea of perfection, he just doesn't have it. At least, not as far as being WWE champion is concerned.

    While Ziggler may have gotten runs as the United States Champion and the Intercontinental Champion, that is all he will ever be.

He Was in the Spirit Sqad

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    This is a little unfair to Ziggler. He was a young wrestler who was trying to make a name for himself and the WWE offered him a chance to be on TV.

    Even though the Spirit Squad was a terrible group and was in no way intimidating, it gave the young wrestlers a chance to break into the top company in wrestling.

    But fans have a long memory and the Spirit Squad was one of the WWE's worst moves. While it isn't an immediate problem, any wrestler could bring it up. Having someone as a champion who used to be a cheerleader just doesn't seem to fit the image of the best wrestler in the world.

His Only Title Run Didn't Even Last 30 Minutes

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    Dolph Ziggler's only reign as world heavyweight champion lasted about 11 minutes.

    If that doesn't prove what little faith the company had in Ziggler, then nothing does. He didn't even get to build heat as a champion who had cheated to win the title.

    Instead, he was beaten by the end of the show, netting him the dubious distinction as a champion with one of the shortest title reigns ever.

He Is at His Best When Putting Others over

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    Dolph Ziggler knows how to make his opponents look good. Even when he is facing green wrestlers, he is able to make them shine in the ring and sell their moves.

    Much like the Spirit Squad, it isn't an immediate blow to his career, but in the end, it hurts him more than it helps him. There is a lack of workers in the WWE who are capable of doing what Ziggler does, and the WWE needs him to build up potential monster heroes more than they need him to be a champion.

    He is the perfect mid-card heel to get them ready to become a main-eventer, but that is what also stops him from being a champion.

His Character Is Perfect for Failure

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    As much as the cocky heel is always a great choice to have as a champion, Ziggler takes it a bit too far.

    He espouses his perfection and how all others are unable to match him. Fans hate such a character, but it won't help him get a title because it pushes the envelope too far.

    He is so great at being the smarmy heel who believes that he can't fail that it is more entertaining to see him come up short, no matter how many chances he gets.The fact that it doesn't diminish his confidence or his ability to sell an audience on his chances of winning is what makes him worth watching.

    It is also what is going to keep him from winning a title.

CM Punk Isn't Losing the Title for a While

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    Ziggler is talented, but the WWE is going to keep the title on CM Punk for a while.

    Ever since his shoot promo back before Money in the Bank last year, he has been on a role. Punk has been on a role whether it has been on the mic or in the ring. He is someone who the WWE is trying to build into a top star that not only Internet fans enjoy, but who the mainstream fan recognize as well.

    That means that Ziggler has little chance of beating him or anyone who might best Punk.

He Is a Talented Performer, but Nowhere Near the Best

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    Ziggler is a great wrestler and a terrific personality, but he is surrounded by increasingly better talent and a deepening roster. While even a year ago, Ziggler would have been considered worthy of being a champion, things have changed in just a year.

    Already, 2012 is a year that has seen so many wrestlers step up to the plate, and that trend doesn't show any signs of slowing down. As great as Ziggler has become, he still hasn't outpaced everyone else in the company.

    He may be good, but he isn't great, and to be the champion that is what you need to be.

He Is in the Wrong Era

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    He isn't the first man to die his hair platinum blond and shout about how he is the best example of what a man should be.

    He isn't even in the first few. The last few decades have seen stars like Ric Flair, Superstar Billy Graham, Mr. Perfect and many more.

    While that doesn't make Ziggler's shtick any less interesting, it does make it played out and by better wrestlers than himself. If he had debuted a bit earlier, it might have worked out for him, but unfortunately, he just came along too late.