BCS Bowl Delays: Why Do I Keep Falling Asleep?

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJanuary 6, 2009

Oops! I did it again. I fell asleep at the halftime of the Texas-Ohio State game. I don't know—ZZZZzzzzzzzZZzzz—why, but I did—ZZzzzzzZzzzz.

I, like many of you, have just about moved on to other sports like basketball, and some of us are probably getting ready for the auto racing season; those "NEXT YEAR" bowl games sort of interrupt our routine.

How long does the BCS think they can stretch this out? Well, I guess this just about the kids, right? NOT! It's all about trying to rake every penny they can from these games.

Here is an idea, BCS—I'll give it to you for free: Why don't you wait till Super Bowl week and play the Championship game at 1 p.m. on Sunday. Imagine! BCS and Super Bowl! Wow! Big bucks there.

Does anyone really think it's necessary to keep these players hooked into a football program without playing a game for 30 days or more? Is that fair to those kids? I would especially be worried if I were a player with pro ability, practicing for 30-plus days with the risk of blowing millions of dollars. If it was me, I would say to them, "no thanks, good luck in January—I'm going home."

I guess this will persist as long as some fans keep believing the "fairy tale" that this is a true championship. As long as we drink the Kool-Aid they feed us and keep believing this is the only viable way to do the championship and we keep on paying for it with our support, it will remain what most of us in our hearts know—THAT IT'S JUST ANOTHER GAME.

Mount Union is for real; it won a championship by playing the best teams in the country in a playoff. Now that is a real champion! Congrats, Mount Union, on your Div. lll championship.

I said it! Now I feel better. Back to sleep—ZZZZzzzzzzZZZzz—I hope I sleep well Thursday night—ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.