Minnesota Twins: 10 Things to Do on a Weekend Roadtrip to Target Field

Collin Kottke@CollinKottkeCorrespondent IIIFebruary 22, 2012

Minnesota Twins: 10 Things to Do on a Weekend Roadtrip to Target Field

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    Going to the ballpark isn't just going to the ballpark anymore. No, it’s a whole excursion with planning and possibly hotel rooms involved. The Twin Cities area attracts people from far away, so if you’re one of those people, this list might come in handy.

    So get the itinerary ready and set your sights to the suburbs, then when nightfall comes, it’s time to hit up Target Field.

Mall of America

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    In Bloomington, Minnesota, the largest mall (in terms of enclosed retail space) in the United States is sitting, waiting to be explored. Countless shops and boutiques line the hallways. Throw in Nickelodeon Universe, an indoor theme park, and it’s quite the destination.

    MOA has a unique baseball connection. It sits on the same piece of land where the Twins' first home, Metropolitan Stadium, was.  Home plate can be found in Nick Universe along with a seat on the wall symbolizing Harmon Killebrew’s farthest home run. 


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    It’s Minnesota; you’ll be able to find a lake. There are plenty of them in the metro, if that floats your boat, but if you have time, head up north to a cabin. It’s much more peaceful and relaxing.  Best part about the lake: You can get to one for free.

Guthrie Theater

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    Minnesota has a huge theatrical population, and the Guthrie is a main reason for it. The Guthrie is a first-class theatre and it’s beautifully placed right on the Mississippi River. This building is so cool it’s on GQ’s list of the 10 Most Important Buildings of the 21st Century.

    Before heading over to Target Field, take in a play. Who knows, you might find another reason to keep finding yourself in the cities. 

Walker Art Center

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    I don’t know a lot about art—in fact, I don’t know anything about art. But the Walker Art Center is a wonderful museum.  Apparently, there’s a big five of art museums in the U.S., and the Walker makes the cut. Right across the way is the Minnesota Sculpture Garden.


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    It's 125 acres of fun and excitement. There’s 50 rides that’ll keep asking you for more. From the Wild Thing to Power Tower, you’ll always be entertained. That sounds great already, right? There’s also a water park!

    Plus, you can get your Peanuts fix. The children’s section of the park has been transformed into Planet Snoopy. 

Canterbury Park

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    Hold on to your hats, the next two suggestions are getting a little adult.

    Sure, ValleyFair is nice for the kiddos, but bring it on down the road in Shakopee and go to the popular horse track. It's fun to watch horses race, but it’s also fun to make money. Place a wager—you might be able to buy a couple more beers at Target Field later.

Mystic Lake Casino

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    Don’t like betting on horses but like making money? Move it on down to Mystic Lake and play some slots or do whatever else you do at casinos. Also features the fantastic Mystic Showroom for concerts and the such.

    Fun fact: The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, who owns the casino, donated $10 million to the construction of the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium.

Science Museum of Minnesota

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    It sounds lame until you give it a shot, I know. I hate science, but the Science Museum is really worth the stop. You’re always guaranteed a bushel of fantastic exhibits. There’s also an IMAX theatre, which may be even cooler than the museum itself. 

State Capitol

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    We all have our own opinion on politics and we’re entitled to them. America! It’s really neat to see where our local state laws get…caught up in committee for months on end. It’s also cool to see where the governor holds his press conferences that we always see on the news. Plus, the architecture is really awesome with the rotunda. 

Midway Stadium

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    Don’t think Target Field and the Twins is enough baseball for you? Head on over to Midway and catch a Saints game. The antics of the stadium and crowd are the fun part. Plus, it’s the Saints, you never know what they might be giving away.