10 Reasons Kate Upton Deserved to Be This Year's SI Covergirl

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIFebruary 22, 2012

10 Reasons Kate Upton Deserved to Be This Year's SI Covergirl

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    Kate Upton came under heavy fire after earning the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2012.

    Those opposed to the selection questioned whether Upton truly deserved the esteemed honor.

    Here's one question for them: Are you serious?

    The 19-year-old model is a certified 10 and here are 10 reasons why.

Her Resume Is Impressive

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    Kate Upton attended a casting call for models at 15 years old. She signed the same day.

    After moving to New York soon after, she signed with IMG, one of the world's most well-known modeling agencies.

    Her page on Askmen.com tells readers Upton has modeled for swimwear, lingerie and served as the face of Guess. Upton has also modeled for Victoria's Secret.

    Her appearance in Sports Illustrated's 2011 Swimsuit Issue in a body-paint bikini earned her Rookie of the Year honors.

    In March 2012, she will appear on yet another cover, this time for Esquire.

    She may only be 19, but she's not just some newcomer who got really lucky.

    She's actually put in the time and worked hard for this achievement.

She's Multi-Talented

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    Kate Upton is not just a pretty face.

    In addition to being a model, Upton has performed in multiple film roles.

    She made her acting debut in 2011's Tower Heist with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.

    On February 18, Upton also participated in a skit on Saturday Night Live, proving her comedy chops in front of a live audience.

    Later this year, she will appear on the big screen again, in The Three Stooges. In the film, Upton plays a the role of a nun.

There's One Particularly Obvious Reason

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    I'm going to attempt my best effort at explaining this slide in a way that won't lose my female readers and remains respectful.

    It seems logical to assume the majority of swimsuit issue readers are men. It can also be assumed that these men are likely between the ages of 17 to 50.

    That being said, Kate Upton measures 33D.

    Obviously, she's well-endowed. This sort of thing appeals to most men.

She's an All-American Girl

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    Born in Michigan, Kate Upton comes from a family of red-blooded Americans, including her congressman uncle and distant ties to the inventors of Whirpool.

    Upton grew up in Florida where she began her modeling career. After being discovered, she moved to New York.

    Michigan, Florida and New York. She has ties to three major states and represents each of them well.

    It's nice to skip the cliche of the exotic, foreign beauty every once in awhile. Especially when it's for a deep-rooted, self-made American girl who looks like she could live next door to you.

She's a Sports Fan

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    Sticking to her roots, Upton is a University of Michigan fan. She's also reportedly a fan of the New York Rangers, Jets and Yankees.

    It's one thing to know a thing or two about sports. It's 10 times better if you're passionate about sports and are a diehard fan too.

    It's awesome our cover girl of Sports Illustrated actually knows and follows sports.

    Linking sports fanhood and passion, there's even rumors Upton was dating Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

She Was an Underdog

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    America loves underdogs. Kate Upton was the biggest underdog in this competition.

    In fact, even after earning the cover, Upton is still facing criticism.

    Though she's modeled for Victoria Secret, officials for the company stated they would, "never use her" for one of their runway shows.

    Other rumblings claimed she was "too young" and even "too fat" to be a cover model.

    Kate Upton has a swimsuit edition cover that claims otherwise.

She's an Athlete

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    A former equestrian, Kate Upton owns numerous national and world championships in horse riding competitions.

    She has participated in Major League Baseball's celebrity All-Star softball game in 2011. Earlier this year, Upton played flag football at the Celebrity Beach Bowl.

    If we can count sports video games, Upton shows her talent in this MLB 2K12 promo.

Shes Got Serious Swagger

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    In this video, Kate Upton is doing the Dougie.

    I can move on at just that. But in case you're not sold, I will continue.

    She's appeared on Tosh.0, Saturday Night Live and shot video game promos.

    She has serious Twitter talent, knowing exactly how to pander to her fans. Between posting photographs of herself and talking candidly about her breasts, it's no wonder she has 180,000 followers.

    It takes a certain amount of courage and swagger to do the things she's done. For example, appearing in the 2011 swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated in only body paint as an 18 year old.

    Cover models are thrust into spotlight so they must be able to handle themselves as well.

    Upton's covered there too. Her numerous appearances include Late Show with David Letterman to provide the Top 10. She's even held her own against ESPN's Colin Cowherd.

Her Figure Is Relatable

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    I've already stated her figure is enticing for men for a specific reason.

    It doesn't stop there though.

    Models are frequently criticized for their weight because they often portray unrealistic body images.

    Kate Upton on the other hand, depicts a more realistic interpretation of a "real" woman's body, complete with curves. Her beauty looks and feels more natural and is being applauded.

    Of course Upton has her critics. Few are claiming her cover has been airbrushed but looking at other pictures of Upton from around the web, it's easy to see she has the type of body more women can relate to.

    Even if magazines are trying to hide her curves, you still get the sense Upton is proud of her body.

She's a Bombshell!

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    Heaven forbid Sports Illustrated choose a gorgeous blond for the cover of its swimsuit issue. That is just terrible.

    The argument that Kate Upton doesn't deserve the cover is absurd for one simple reason: she's absolutely gorgeous.

    Men across the nation certainly agree. Upton is #2 on Askmen.com's 99 Most Desirable Women of 2012 list.